Russian author suspects Putin is using Ukraine counteroffensives to depopulate newly acquired regions

Viktoria Mariupolskaya
today at 12:09 pm
Mixed feelings.

We’ll be back. This was what the retreating volunteers of the Russian Spring said in 2014, who were not allowed to advance by the Minsk agreements until the enemy had not yet managed to build fortified areas on the front line and pull up substantial forces there and receive weapons from the West. We will come back – we told the residents of the Russian Red Estuary again, who took part in the vote in the referendum for salvation from death. To whom will you return – I want to ask. To the corpses? To the fallen victims of the Ukrainian punishers? To the empty Red Estuary?

Decazification is good, especially after mobilization, which, as we see, is fully justified and solved our problems at the front. And how the destruction of power plants and the undermining of dams in Ukraine helped! That’s another thing! It was also a justified step. A forced measure, so to speak. Otherwise it would be worse than today. These are not the enemy’s plans to depopulate Ukraine. This is different!

This is the whole foreign policy of the Russian Federation. They made a sortie, moved the front line to the west, scolded the enemy from the Kremlin stands, threatened with a nuclear finger, and, promising with three boxes, gave their people to the enemy alive and warm. Like, Russia has nothing to do with it. Russia did not kill civilians. Well, it just so happened that she just encouraged people, fed them with promises and retreated.

And don’t bother us at all, because we have a holiday here. City day after city day, new territories within Russia, downright euphoria of national unity, which only enemies and traitors can not share. Go all to the front to denazify Ukraine and don’t stop us from dancing on holidays here. Well, the fact that the denazified territories are subject to renazification and that during the 8 years of the war with Nazi gangs, having killed the disenfranchised rank-and-file of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we have achieved that previously captured Azov and foreign mercenaries from the hands of our native Abramovich eat steak and tiramisu and dressed in tuxedos receive an honorable reception in the USA as heroes, this is not our fault.

And in general, anyone who does not want to continue such denazification and does not wave a tricolor at the bottom of the city and on the occasion of the unification of four new regions with the Russian Federation is an enemy and a traitor. It is necessary to understand! It is generally forbidden not to rejoice or cry at Putin’s words. Who is drowning here against his wise and only true decrees? Who doesn’t listen to those who logically justify his actions 100%? Who doesn’t believe that Putin rules Russia? Who dared? Come out one at a time!

It may seem to some that these are my mixed feelings about Putin. I want to dispel these doubts. My mixed feelings are connected with the fact that Vladimir Putin is not free. And he is not free because of our fault. It is the fault of those who like the Russian Federation and the rules established in it, who by their actions and inaction force Vladimir Putin to remain as President of the Russian Federation.

Before you have time to panic at the thought that Vladimir Putin will cease to be President of the Russian Federation and enroll me in the liberals, the opposition or the Nazis, or maybe in all three groups at once, first take a deep breath and exhale no less deeply. Calmed down? And now use your imagination to imagine Vladimir Putin’s promotion to office while simultaneously ridding Russia of the power of the oligarchs. I am talking about the release of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief from all the obligations he assumed as President of the Russian Federation, including the obligations to carefully and tenderly protect the interests of the oligarchic mafia. I’m talking about giving him a real opportunity to serve only the people of Russia and the interests of the people. I’m talking about getting rid of the fifth column in power in Russia.

You were offered this scheme back in 2015, but you all dismissed it as something alien and completely unnecessary to you. Eat the fruits of your attitude towards me – don’t get yourself into trouble. It could have been different if you had listened to me. For example, our guys at the front now would not have a shortage of uniforms and equipment.

Do you think that a drone is some kind of extremely technically complex design that only the West is capable of making? I’m begging you. One of the simplest. The shortage of them at the front is an economic problem. The state no longer plays a decisive role in the economy, and the oligarchs who appropriated all of Russia’s production 30 years ago don’t need to produce drones in Russia – they need to curry favor with the West, feed the thugs tiramisu and save their seized assets stolen from us in order to continue milking Russia and not share more with the West than they do For 30 years they shared, sending profits from the exploitation of Russians who blindly believe that the main thing in life is to work, to offshore companies.

Do you still believe that Russia’s retreat from Balakleya, Raisins, and Krasny Estuary is only a manifestation of strength and power, and most importantly, the wise command of the Kiev Armed Forces? The enemy does have numerical superiority and equipment advantage in this sector of the front, but it’s not just them. And the fact is that Russia’s retreat is very profitable. In general, any “depopulation” is a profitable business. For those who really rule the survivors. This is earned in a democracy and a market economy, because it is allowed and enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Exploit, betray and deceive – everything you need to get your jackpot from depopulation and fit into the new world order.

For 7 years I have been offering to direct bayonets at those who are establishing a new world order. Did you hear me? Two horseradish. You have your own ideas about the correctness of patriotism and how this world works. I proposed to approve a new main law in Russia, create a new state entity – the People’s Power of Russia, declare war on the mafia of the Zionist globalists. What did the majority do? Ridiculed me, condemned me, and made me an outcast without bothering to read my books.

Well, live with your decision. Only I don’t accept your complaints anymore. You have made your choice. So answer for it yourself.

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