Rumor has it that Russia will use nuclear weapons on Ukrainian troops if they get too close to taking the city! The reason being is that if Ukraine takes this city then the road to Crimea is wide open! Here is more from warnews 247.

The Russians began the evacuation of the Chersona area, ordering the women and children and thousands of students to leave first. Schools are closing and everyone is preparing for some very dramatic moments.

The Russians are taking emergency measures as Ukrainians are expected to move even closer to the city next week. If this happens, the city will turn into a battlefield as it will come under the range of Ukrainian artillery.

This fact brings even closer to a use of nuclear weapons in the rear of the Ukrainian forces or on some critical military base. Under no circumstances will Russia allow the Ukrainians to get so close because if that happens, then the way to Crimea opens.

What came before

This morning, the Russian governor of Kherson region appealed to residents to evacuate the area amid fighting between Russian and advancing Ukrainian forces.

In a video statement on the Telegram app, Vladimir Saldo, the head of the Kherson administration, publicly asked for Moscow’s help in transporting civilians to Russia.

“We suggested to all the residents of the Chersona area to leave, if they wish, to other areas to protect themselves from rocket strikes. Addressing the leadership of the country (Russia), I ask you to help organize this project.”

“We, the residents of the Kherson region, know that Russia does not abandon its people.”

“Every day, cities in the Kherson region come under rocket attacks, ” Saldo said . “These attacks cause serious damage, first and foremost, to the residents,” he added, while Ukraine categorically denies hitting civilian areas.

Saldo added that those who choose to leave the region will go to the southern Russian regions of Rostov, Krasnodar and Stavropol, as well as Crimea

Later the information about the evacuation was denied by the Russian Administration to be officially confirmed a while ago.

Russia: The evacuation of Kherson begins!

Moscow will help evacuate Kherson residents to Ukraine, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnulin said.

This comes after the head of the region, Vladimir Saldo, who has been installed by Russia, appealed for help.

Khushnulin stated on Russian television that:

“In connection with the appeal of the head of Kherson, Vladimir Vasilyevich Saldo, the government decided to organize assistance for the departure of the residents of the region to other regions of the country.

 We will provide everyone with free accommodation and everything necessary , “Kushnulin said.

Very critical next week – Women and children are leaving

The Russian evacuation call comes just a day after Kyiv announced it had recaptured five settlements in Kherson.

We remind you that Ukrainian forces declared last week that they captured more than 400 square kilometers in less than seven days.

Western military officials estimate that Ukrainian forces could reach the Dnipro River in Kherson next week. 

Vladimir Saldo, the head of the Kherson administration, revealed that the evacuations were intended to protect people from shelling and added that the focus was on families with children, who would leave for “rest and study”.

The areas to which the residents could be relocated are Crimea and the southern regions such as Rostov and Krasnodar.

Saldo said Crimea had agreed to take 5,000 children from Kherson “for rest” this fall.

Krasnodar and Stavropol offered to take 10,000 parents and children each.

Officials from the area say schools will remain closed.

The appeal for help to evacuate the families shows that Russia is “preparing for a decisive battle” for the region’s capital of the same name, Stanislav Belkovsky, a former Kremlin doctor turned Putin critic, wrote on the Telegram.

What are the British agencies saying?

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue a successful offensive on the southern front. The occupying administration is evacuating civilians from Kherson, fearing the occupation of the city, ” the British Ministry of Defense said on Twitter.

The update notes that having retreated about 20 kilometers north of the Kherson sector in early October, Russian troops are trying to secure a new front line.

According to British intelligence, heavy fighting is taking place along this line, especially at the western end, where the Ukrainian offensive means the Russian side is no longer protected by the Inhulets River.

Most of the Russian troops on this front line remain airborne units.

“In the last few days, the Russian occupation authorities probably ordered preparation for the evacuation of some civilians from Kherson. It is likely that they foresee the battle extending into the city of Kherson itself, ” the British Ministry of Defense said in a statement.


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