Russia Defences in Kherson, Evacuating Civilians, Advancing Kharkov, Bakhmut; UK Defence Chief to DC

Another absorbing hour with Alexander Mercouris, as he discusses at length the TV interview in Russia given by the new General; the decisions by the Kremlin re security in the new regions in particular, the Generals clear statement that it is the lives of the civilians and the military which are his first concern, not holding territory or putting them at risk ( ie potential flooding ), and then finally the collapsing of morale of the political class in Britain, who seem at last to be coming to the realisation of just how bad the economic situation is. And lastly, why did Ben Wallace suddenly dash off to Washington to meet up with his counterpart, Lloyd Austin? There are strange rumours circulating that their communication is not secure!!  Who knows? One seldom tires of listening to Alexander and feeling much better informed at the end. A reassuring voice in troubling times.