Reminder- Our “Money” is a Debt to (((Them))) – Oct 13, 2022

Alex Krainer–“Rather than waging never-ending wars, blowing up bridges and pipelines or assassinating Vladimir Putin, western powers would do better to focus on reforming our monetary system and embrace honest money. Even a miraculous military victory over Russia would do no more than delay the day of reckoning.”

Makow- The satanist (Masonic) Jewish bankers finagled our national credit cards and are maxing them out with wars and vaccine boondoggles. They create money out of thin air as a debt to them so the more money squandered, the richer they are, especially with interest. At the same time they own the pharmaceutical and war industries. They wish to extend this monopoly over money creation into a satanist Jewish (Cabalist) monopoly over every aspect of human life i.e “wokeness.” This is the essence of Communism.  Hence, Paypal fines unwoke-people $2500 and Kanye West is cancelled by his bank.

READER–“Alex Krainer is a rather sharp character. This is a great daily blog with a refreshing perspective.”

The real war: People vs. the Banks

by Alex Krainer — (excerpts by

Last week, on Oct. 6, Kristalina Georgieva, IMF’s Managing Director gave a speech at the Georgetown University in Washington where she explained that the global economy, which was expected to recover strongly after the Covid 19 pandemic, experienced a “shock, after shock, after shock” instead, that it is now experiencing a “fundamental shift,” and that this shift could create a “dangerous new normal.” Georgieva thinks this can only be mitigated by “countries working together.”  …

It’s the banks, not Vladimir Putin.

So then, what would be the “fundamental shift,” and the “dangerous new normal” that IMF’s Georgieva is worried about? I believe that the worry is that (((the rules-based global order))) is falling into a profound economic, social and political crisis that could be long and very severe.

And even while we are all encouraged to come together and hate on Russia and Vladimir Putin, that’s not where this crisis emanated from.

Rather, it emanated from the fraudulent monetary system that’s largely shaped our rules-based global order and which has had an impressive track record of incentivizing forever wars and generating chronic crises.



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