Re-setting the Re-set: huge and growing liberation movement needs coherent strategy


Intro by Steve Cook

The following feature is an excerpt from a much longer article by the insightful Miri Anne Finch.

It was written just before the slapstick muppet show took another downward turn with the ousting of Liz Truss (whom we are convinced was gifted the PM job just to make her predecessor and successor look like the Brain of Britain) and her replacement with yet another corrupt globalist stooge, Sunak.

It draws our attention to the way forward in the fight against encroaching tyranny and the fact that we need to unite and formulate a plan.

And to lay out a plan we need to establish exactly where we want to go.

Ultimately tyranny only wins by default, if we let it, if we ourselves cannot get organised and channel our collective energy in whatever direction we choose.

We now have a huge and fast-growing freedom movement, many times more numerous that the entire membership of the Conservative Party. That movement has vast energy. But the energy is not yet focused . Yet.

Power is focused energy.

The Last Election and The Final Turning

by Miri Anne Finch

The slapstick comedy of errors that is mainstream British politics took a decidedly darker turn last week, as pantomime dames like Boris and floppy-haired media guys like (“dishy”) Rishi, are replaced with legitimate psychopaths such as Jeremy “don’t pretend you accidentally got my surname wrong” Hunt.

In case anyone was unaware, not only is Hunt vigorously in favour of mandatory vaccinations, but he is also extremely keen on kidnapping and incarcerating children (euphemism: “quarantine”).

Clearly encapsulating the stark threat we now face, my friend and Freedom Alliance leader, Jonathan Tilt, wrote on Saturday:

Just to be clear. Jeremy Hunt is as WEF as they come. The mainstream media are already anointing him as the “caretaker” PM.

A little over a year ago this despicable creature was lobbying the government to remove unvaxxed children with positive tests to quarantine camps. Johnson, for all his faults, refused to consider it and my guess is Truss would do the same. But once Hunt is in number 10 (about Tuesday lunchtime) we are in very deep trouble. This time they really will be coming for your kids. Removing “poorly” children to quarantine camps is common in Hunt’s beloved communist China and was widely practised in Eastern Europe under communist rule.

The next – and last – general election- will be a contest between Hunt and Starmer, two of Schwab’s very finest graduates. Whoever wins Britain will have fallen to the Davos gangsters.

We have only one chance to stop this. At least 15% of the population are now fully awake and the number is growing by the day. If come the next election, they vote for genuine anti WEF candidates that could be enough to derail the process.

Freedom Alliance along with a few of the other small parties are working hard to put an anti WEF candidate in each constituency. To do that we need more candidates, members and supporters. And we definitely need more voters. To be blunt we need you on board and helping us. Joining 6 weeks before the election will be too late.

If you plan to not vote at the next election then you are endorsing the WEF take over. And once the WEF take over is complete there will be no “standing outside the system”. There wasn’t in Czechoslavakia in the 1950s and 60s and there won’t be in Britain c2027. Digital slavery will prevail and there will be no escaping from the compound.”

It is a fairly bleak warning, but I think we have every reason to believe Jonathan is right and that the hanging gossamer thread of our so-called “democracy” is about to be severed for good, following the next – and quite probably last – general election, before that system is dismantled and replaced.

Obviously, I’m all for that system being dismantled and replaced – as I’m sure is anyone reading this – but with something better, not worse. Needless to say, what Klaus and co have in store for us is very much worse. To be clear, we can’t stop the coming collapse (as we are already well into its throes), but we can throw a few spanners in its works and derail the intended direction, so it goes less in their favour and more in ours.

Whenever the ruling classes don’t get a certain level of public support for their plans, they are pushed into abandoning them, as we saw with the NHS doorstep seal-clap (when people lost interest in large enough numbers, the establishment stopped pushing it), and the attempted “monkeypox” scare. People just didn’t go for it in large enough numbers, so the social engineers seem to have given up on it.

So, the purpose of challenging a general election by standing as, or voting for, an anti-WEF candidate, is not to install these people in parliament (this would never happen, nor is it even desirable) – but rather, to send a strong, compelling, and irrefutable message to the establishment about what we want. Not voting is interpreted by the ruling classes as a vote for the status quo – that you are happy with how things are, so see no need to vote for change (I know that’s not the message non-voters intend to send, but that is how the establishment will choose to interpret it) – but voting for a candidate who explicitly states they oppose the WEF, vaccine mandates, and child kidnap, cannot be misinterpreted. If there was such a candidate in every (or even most) constituencies, and each candidate got a significant amount of votes (they don’t need to win), then the current modest ripple of support for anti-WEF candidates and policies, would become a roaring tidal wave, that could not be ignored and dismissed.

To vote for such a candidate is not “a vote for the system” because the system is going to collapse anyway, whether we vote or not. Rather, using this civic apparatus (while it is still available) to express ourselves – as a complement to expressing ourselves at protests, with legal challenges, in writing, and more – is sending a powerful message about what we intend to come following the collapse we’re currently in the midst of, and it’s a message that does impact the establishment (you can read all about my forays into “backstage politics” here – I had never so-dabbled until 2021, and the whole experience was a most intriguing learning curve and nothing like you might expect).

Voter turnout has plummeted year after year to the extent it is now routinely so low, we cannot even legitimately claim to have a functioning democracy, and this will almost certainly be used as one of the key reasons to justify scrapping that system.

So, now may be the time to get more involved in this kind of activism, even if you’ve never been politically active before – as I say, I hadn’t either until 2021, and knew nothing about how to be any more actively involved than spoiling my paper (since there was never previously anyone I wanted to vote for) – such as by standing as a candidate myself (it’s very easy, low-profile, and undaunting – you certainly are not going to have journalists rummaging around in your private life or be splashed across the front pages of newspapers etc. – if only! Personally, here at Miri AF, I could really do with the publicity…).




Re-setting the Re-set: huge and growing liberation movement needs coherent strategy

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