Putin ushers in Multipolar World, ‘we are standing on a historic frontier.’ Historic Q & A. U/1

Alex opens with a clip from yesterday’s Forum in which Putin is telling a joke which was told to him. He somewhat focuses on the very very long Q and A which followed Putin’s speech. Putin had no notes, no teleprompter, and spoke for nearly 5 hours. When the moderator suggested they stop after about four hours, Putin said, no, we’ll keep going.

Putin revealed his sense of humour; he was very confident and prepared.

Alex reads some of the text so that listeners can hear the words and decide for themselves what they think.




One Response to “Putin ushers in Multipolar World, ‘we are standing on a historic frontier.’ Historic Q & A. U/1”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Exactly the same comment from me below as per the previous post. Even more appropriate for this report, which focuses more on the revealing Q&A.

    As Alex says: “You can decide. Are these the words of a dictator, of an authoritarian? Or are these words of something else, something different to the propaganda?”

    “Excellent report from Alex. He succinctly explains Putin’s recent speech, title: “A post hegemonic world: Justice and security for Everyone”. Great title for a start! Great ambition too! And what a wind up for western “leaders”

    When one listens to what Putin actually says then, how can one think that he is a wolf in sheeps clothing [as many suggest]? It is impossible, it goes totally against his philosophy, his future plans and everything that he has actually achieved so far

    He’s the worlds greatest current statesman by a long, long, way. Who else comes even close? He speaks frankly and clearly, and he speaks directly to the whole world too. The wise folk will listen to him

    He is a giant surrounded by western pygmies, he towers above them all. He has played a very long term strategic game and is more now open. I guess that that he thinks that he is now on firmer ground. To imagine that he is lying is just plain ridiculous

    Having said all that then, he cannot be any sort of saint. Who ever can in this sort of role? Hard choices always need to be made

    No wonder the collective west leadership makes sure that they NEVER report what he actually says in their controlled media. No wonder they all hate him. They aren’t fit to lick his boots”