Putin is a Nationalist in a (((Globalist))) World

HenryMakow.com – Oct 2, 2022

At the Valdai Discussion Club, October 18, 2018, Putin stated that his “love for Russia has increased many times over the years.”

This doesn’t sound like a Jew:

Of course, I am Russian, my roots are all in Russia, my ancestors lived in the same village for 300 years and went to the same church, and this can be seen from church documents. This is all very curious for me, I feel like a part of the country and a part of the Russian people, no matter how grandiloquent it may seem, but it is, I feel.

A Jewish reader sent these quotes saying, “I’m almost speechless at the breadth of his knowledge and his articulate manner of speaking. It frankly nauseates me how he is constantly demonized by American elites. My impression is Putin is a godly person, deeply religious, and woe to our society that mocks and scorns such a decent human being. Perhaps nuclear annihilation is the best we deserve.”


Our national identity is what makes us who we are: it is our culture, our history.

This Russian nation did not exist forever, it was formed from various Slavic tribes. There were no Russians at some stage, and then they began to form: on the basis of a common market, the power of a prince, a single language, and then a single faith, the Russian nation was formed. But it was made up of different tribes. And then, when statehood began to take shape, the primary form of Russian statehood, there were also a lot of Finno-Ugric peoples. For now we find material evidence of.



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