Putin announces new security measures in Russia

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19 Oct, 2022 16:34

The president has ordered steps related to hostilities with Kiev, including imposing martial law in some regions

Putin announces new security measures in Russia


Russia has introduced emergency measures due to the continued threat posed by Ukraine and the need for a more efficient response to it, President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday.

Speaking at a meeting of the National Security Council, Putin said he had signed several documents detailing the policy changes. He also reiterated accusations against Kiev, stating that it uses “terrorist methods” against Russia.


Ukrainian forces “sabotage crucial infrastructure and stage assassinations of local officials. Just like their ideological forefathers – [Stepan Bandera’s] Hitler collaborators – they try to create a criminal underworld, send sabotage teams on our soil,” Putin explained.

He claimed that Russian law enforcement officials have prevented several planned attacks on “mass gatherings, transport and energy facilities,” including a nuclear power plant.


2 Responses to “Putin announces new security measures in Russia”

  1. Aldous says:

    I wonder what an image of Sleepy Joe or Lizard Truss would look like? Not very ‘statesman like’ that’s for sure.
    We are clearly in the beginnings of a global conflict that mankind has never seen or experienced.
    Bombs and bullets as usual but now fake pandemo-viruses and mRNA hypodermic kill-shots.
    Isn’t life just grande?

    • ian says:

      Isn’t it smashing Aldous. I’m sure the chosen ones will go into some deep underground bunker to hide it out if it kicks off. I’m still unsure if or why it would. I feel that Putin is as much a puppet of the world bankers, as the West is, and it will play out to their script. Whether I am right or wrong won’t really matter to me, as if I’m wrong, I’ll say so, and change my opinion, but I’m still of the opinion that the whole shit show stinks to high heaven. I mean would they allow Russia to invade countries where Klaus and Chuck, and all the world aristocracy are, or let China invade the Jewish peoples. I obviously like everyone else, am not sure, I just know, and this is the biggie, that the Ukraine conflict is exactly what they need to destroy Europes’ economy and bring Germany France and the British people to their knees. No gas, no food. Get your CBDC here folks. In my opinion, and I know that I’m a lone voice, but I do believe that is the whole purpose of the Ukraine war. Perhaps I should have said the main purpose, as it’s possible that there are more facets to it.