Poland enters pipeline war


Poland Entered Pipeline War: Leak Detected On Druzhba Pipeline

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On the morning of October 12, Polish operator reported on a leak on the Druzhba (Brotherhood) pipeline which supplies Russian oil to Germany. The rupture was discovered some 70 kilometers from the Polich town of Plock in central region of the country.

Polish operator PERN detected the leak by automated systems on one of the two strings of the pipeline late on October 11. The damaged string was switched off immediately and the second one continues to operate.

So far, the cause of the incident remains unknown. The emergency services of PERN and the State Fire Guard were deployed in the area.

No explosions or fires were reported in the area.

Poland Entered Pipeline War: Leak Detected On Druzhba Pipeline

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The Druzhba pipeline is one of the largest oil transport networks in the world, spanning some 4,000 km. It brings Russian oil to Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.

The incident is widely considered to be the result of sabotage. It contributes to the infrastructure war declared by the United States to Russia, but which most affects the interests of European states. The leak on the Druzhba pipeline follows explosions on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

There is no surprise that the oil pipeline that lays through almost a dozen of countries was damaged in Poland. This incident is the first signal of Polish blackmail of European states that are still hesitant to service incidents in the United States.


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