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Playing at War in Ukraine – Col. Douglas Macgregor

Who are the ‘coalition of the willing’?

Ukraine is on the brink of extinction. Polish soldiers in Ukrainian uniforms?

Yes, there are people in Washington who want a direct conflict with Russia.

11:45 – 16:00  Since FDR the US has been a  Presidential government with dictatorial power; they are looking for public reaction; American public is complacent and quiescent  – not interested. The people in Washington are like three year old children who have discovered forks and are pushing them into electrical sockets; someone is going to get electrocuted.

Congress should signal its readiness to invoke the War Powers Act, while demanding that the Biden administration broker peace. https://www.theamericanconservative.c…

Since writing this oped, Col Macgregor has been contacted by people in the ‘inside’.

As interesting as always……