Patrick Lancaster’s team talk with Russians in Rostov-on-Don about the recent escalation

The Ukraine war has entered a major escalation. In the last days, there has been wave after wave of explosions, not just in Kyiv, but all across Ukraine, from Livov (Lviv) in the west to Kharkov (Kharkiv) in the east and Odesa in the south( virtually every major Ukraine city).

It even seems Belarus might be preparing to enter the conflict as yesterday they formed a Counter Terrorist Operation (CTO) after reports “of planned provocations by a number of neighboring states.” and today “A regime of heightened terrorist threat has been introduced in the Republic of Belarus” — President LukashenkoMuch of this seems Russia’s answer to the attack on the Crimean bridge which Russia has declared a terrorist attack by Ukrainian special services. This is a clear major escalation of the war.

In this report, I talk to Russians in Rostov-On-Don and see what their reaction is to Russia attacking all Major Ukrainian city’s and this newest escalation.

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