NY TImes SHUTS DOWN U.S. Critic At “Democracy Forum”

Jeffrey Sachs has a tendency to go on mainstream outlets and in front of mainstream groups and utter truths that run counter to the dominant narrative — and then get told to shut up.

Most recently Sachs appeared at the Athens Democracy Forum, sponsored by the New York Times, and noted, truthfully, that since 1950 the United States has been the greatest purveyor of violence around the globe, bar none.

At which point the moderator stepped in and demanded Sachs stop talking.

Jimmy and Pushback host Aaron Maté (https://mate.substack.com) discuss Sach’s track record and wonder how on earth he gets asked back when he keeps insisting on sharing inconvenient truths?

Notice that when he is told to stop speaking, THE AUDIENCE CLAPS THEIR APPROVAL !!