Not an average Tap’ Post, but I felt worth a mention. Warm rooms are springing up over Britain. They might help some to stay warm and thus live through the winter.

open warm inside sign


Libraries, community hubs and churches are preparing to act as ‘warm banks’ or ‘warm rooms’ for people unable to heat their homes this winter.

With huge hikes in energy prices, buildings up and down the country are stepping in to keep vulnerable people warm. Birmingham, Bristol, Dundee, Glasgow and Aberdeen councils have all reportedly said they are investigating the use of creating warm banks. Meanwhile, an interactive ‘heat bank map’ will soon show families the nearest place to go to warm up.

The price of using domestic heating is spiralling. According to reports from the BBC, annual energy bills for British households using a typical amount of gas and electricity have now risen to £2,500 — an increase of £500. Despite the Prime Minister’s recent energy announcement, 16.4 million people will be in fuel poverty this winter (End Fuel Poverty), with elderly people, children, and those on low incomes amongst the most affected groups