1. Deepseaninja says:

    Aaaaand here we all are, tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. Tried to wake my daughter up gently using chemtrails as an opener (considering they are an intrinsic element of what is passing today re: 5G and Jags etc). Calls me a nutter, a racist and full of anti gov rhetoric. Needless to say, havent seen or spoken to my grandkids in over 18 months, not to mention their mother.
    Oh, how i despair……..

  2. danceaway says:

    I also thought, quite a few years ago now, that the chem trail subject would be a good one to introduce to one of my offspring, as it is so visible ( at least to me ) and this offspring is involved in river restoration and fishing. Made no progress whatsoever. Was told he would ‘ leave it to the scientists’. I was pretty shocked at the time, but it revealed a lot, and I gave up. I could see what I was up against.

    We just have to leave them to go their own way. I have heard through family that this offspring is jabbed and boosted. I am not surprised.

    I really feel for you regarding the grandchildren. That is probably one of the hardest parts for so many grandparents who know what is going on.

  3. ian says:

    All us on here on Tap’ seem to be in the same boat. Rejected by friends and family alike as nut cases. Occams recently posted that in an experiment a group were fed information that was false, and in the end were told that it was false but still believed that it was true and that the new information was lies. I’ll bet it was the owners who did these things and then realised how stupid everyone was and what an easy ride they’d have controlling the masses.

  4. ROTH says:

    I must be living in a different reality to most, as I’ve been taking note of chemtrails for the past maybe 15 years, since I became aware of their existence.

    Up until maybe 2017 I don’t think I saw a single pure blue sky for maybe 7 or 8 years here in Yorkshire, and despaired of my kids ever knowing what one was. I used to watch the planes go over in the early morning and their trails would spread and fill the sky until it was totally covered, and any sun that we had would only be seen through a white haze, I’m sure you’ve all seen it. Since then, and I couldn’t say exactly when it started, the blue skies of my childhood have been a regular occurence, and when I have seen what looked like chemtrails they’ve mostly been on days of high humidity which would explain them hanging about.

    I once read an article a few years ago where the writer had done a chemical analysis of the residues from chemtrails, and came to the conclusion that it was ‘fly ash’, the ash from coal fired power stations. As most of these are now shut down in the UK, maybe my observations can be explained by a lack of raw materials?

    I’ve seen a lot of people start talking about chemtrails quite recently on social media, and can’t help but think they’ve missed the boat, at least in this area.

    Fire away.