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Media: The Kyiv regime has prepared a dummy of the Russian Iskander OTRK rocket stuffed with nuclear waste to detonate it in the Chernobyl zone

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What if the evil minions of the USA set off their dirty nuke in Ukraine right now ?

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The opposite direction to when Chernobyl went bang 26 April 1986.

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Media: The Kyiv regime has prepared a dummy of the Russian Iskander OTRK rocket stuffed with nuclear waste to detonate it in the Chernobyl zone

Information continues to come in that the Kyiv regime is preparing to arrange a provocation with radioactive contamination. We are talking about a “dirty bomb” that Kyiv is going to use in order to still try to draw NATO countries into a direct armed conflict.


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If earlier it was reported that the Kyiv regime could stuff 152 mm caliber ammunition with nuclear waste and fire such ammunition using self-propelled howitzers, now it has been announced that Kyiv is ready to use a dummy missile of the Russian Iskander OTRK for nuclear provocation.

It is reported RIA News with reference to the source.

It is said that the dummy rocket can be blown up in the area of ​​the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where the radioactive background is already high. The goal is to show the wreckage of an allegedly Russian missile and state that Russia allegedly attacked the territory of Ukraine using a nuclear weapon. weapons.

Earlier, information appeared that the Ukrainian side could “set up” everything in such a way that the “strike” was inflicted by Russian troops from the territory of Belarus. The goal is clear here too – to accuse the Republic of Belarus of “involvement in a nuclear war against Ukraine.”

Recall that earlier the Russian authorities reported about the nuclear provocation being prepared by Kyiv at the UN, but there representatives of the collective West announced that they “do not consider this information plausible.” It would be strange if the representatives of the United States and Britain said something different, given that it is they who can push the Zelensky regime to provocation, but not wanting Zelensky to use it precisely to directly draw NATO into a military conflict. The tasks of the US and Britain are to try to present Russia as a country that used nuclear weapons in the international arena, than to alienate those who today at least do not impose sanctions. But the task of the United States and Britain here does not fit in everything with the task of Kyiv, which simply would like NATO to start fighting directly with Russia.