Massive die-off in Australia goes undebated!

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If you look at the figures discussed, you will notice a sharp increase in 2021 after the mandate began, and has kept increasing since.

“Save our system”?
“Save Medicare”?
“Save the NHS”?

This is an inversion of logic and morality according to the Assistant Secretary General (ret.) to the United Nations, Prof Ramesh Thakur.

Stanford epidemiologist Jay Bhattacharya then contends that Australia is now paying a worse price than any other nation as it has deaths and cases per capita higher than even the USA.

The sheep spend all their lives afraid of being eaten by the wolf only to find themselves eaten by the shepherd!


One Response to “Massive die-off in Australia goes undebated!”

  1. ian says:

    Then according to Max Igan in David’s post, a state or states in Aus’, are legalising compulsory arrests and vaccination at the police’s discretion. I was going to say that you couldn’t make it up, but obviously somebody did.