Mark Sexton: “You’re a disgrace to the uniform. You’re protecting murderers!’

Last Saturday, Mark Sexton and his team went down to the University of West England in Bristol to get the vaccination centre closed because it constitutes a crime scene based on their evidence. A young inspector, one Insp. Lippiatt, did get the vaccinations stopped for the day, to be resumed the following Tuesday morning. See

Mark Sexton and His Team Get UK Vaccination Centre to Suspend Operations

Sexton and his team returned the following Tuesday, four days ago. The video below (1 hour, 15 minutes) shows what happened. Notably, it was an entirely new set of police who, once again, had to have everything explained to them about what was happening and what had happened the previous Saturday. This is clearly part of the police tactic. This time, no inspectors or anybody intervened to put a stop to the medical procedures. Sexton had Dr. Aseem Malhotra on the line, ready to speak to the senior officer at the scene. At least two of them refused to speak to Malhotra. Finally, as the police were leaving in their vehicle, Sexton et al stepped in front of it, claiming they were under arrest for not performing their duty. ”You will act as police officers, or you will be arrested, unfortunately” says the younger man in military gear. “We are in our right to do so.”

Said Sexton to the police in their vehicle, ‘As a constable, it is your duty to obtain evidence that (indistinct) may be put forward to the Crown Prosecution Service. We’ve provided evidence that you’re deliberately and wilfully ignoring. You are misconducting yourself in public office. These people (pointing into the vaccination centre) are committing an offence of gross negligent manslaughter and corporate manslaughter, and it is a rolling offence.” (at approximately 55 mins) They refuse to move away from the vehicle and the officer in charge stops speaking to Sexton’s team. Finally, two of the policeman walk away from their vehicle and Sexton’s team. They chant ‘protect our children!’ as the police call for backup and continue to walk away. Heavy backup finally comes, with Sexton’s group being considerably outnumbered.

Why are you walking away? Our children are being harmed?

Finally, a representative of the University of West England arrives, one Chris Abbott, asking them to leave. They can be accused of trespassing on private land otherwise. Sexton finishes by making a purely humanitarian appeal to the man.

“You’re a disgrace to the uniform. You’re protecting murderers. Take off the uniform!”

We are told one man gets arrested but it isn’t visible on the video footage.


It indeed raises the disturbing question of what it actually takes to get UK police to act in a professional manner. Sexton exposes them.


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Mark Sexton: “You’re a disgrace to the uniform. You’re protecting murderers!’ [VIDEO]