Mandatory Vaccination Against COVID-19 Applies to Mobilized – Russian Defense Ministry

According to the decision of the chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Ministry of Defense, mandatory immunization applies to all military personnel reports: As clarified by the Don government, this approach is used to prevent an epidemic among military personnel.

Since the pandemic of new coronavirus infection in Russia has not ended – over the past day in our country more than 40,000 new cases of COVID-19 have been registered – this requirement applies to both mobilized and subsequently called up for military service.

Decree of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Ministry of Defense dated June 18, 2021 No. 129, states that mandatory immunization in the army applies to the following categories:

Heads of military command and control bodies, commanders of formations, military units, and heads of organizations to ensure that the following categories of persons are given mandatory preventive vaccinations according to epidemic indications against a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19):

1.1. Servicemen of all categories, performing military service by conscription and contract. Citizens called up for military service (military training) who have not completed vaccination before being drafted.

1.2. Employees working in organizations, for individual entrepreneurs operating on the territory of facilities of the Russian Ministry of Defense (including employees of outsourcing and other contracting organizations) in the field of:

  • military trade and catering;
  • communal and consumer services;
  • transport support;
  • courier-postal communication;
  • education, including in the field of implementation of additional educational programs;
  • military healthcare and sanatorium-resort provision;
  • exhibitions, educational events (including employees of museums, exhibition halls, libraries, lecture halls) with the exception of official events organized by military authorities;
  • patriotic education of children (youth), spiritual education and cultural and leisure services (including employees and attendants of the military-patriotic parks of culture and recreation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation “Patriot”, as well as personnel of third-party enterprises (individual entrepreneurs) operating in the specified territories;
  • sports and recreation complexes.

1.3. Federal state civil servants of the Russian Ministry of Defense and civilian personnel of the military command and control bodies of the Russian Ministry of Defense and military units and organizations subordinate to them.