In response to our article ‘A List of Post-Vaccination Resources – Help Us to Help You’ a reader has provided a comprehensive list of resources he has collected over time.  We will be working through his list and adding some of these resources to ours but, to avoid duplication, this may take some time.  So, although he has not requested that we do so, we felt it would be useful to share his resources more widely.

You can find his resources, ‘Covid: SpikeP Therapies’, by following this LINK.  He has provided us with some explanatory notes which we have reproduced in the letter below. 

Our Caring Farmer, as we have called him, has spent a lot of time uploading these resources onto the internet to make them accessible to us.  Thank you, Caring Farmer, from all our readers, for taking the time to care.

Please note: Information in this article is NOT intended to serve as a substitute for diagnosis, treatment, or advice from a qualified, licensed medical professional.  We are merely highlighting resources which you could use to conduct your own research.  Seek the advice of a medical professional for the proper application of ANY material listed in this article.

Dear The Exposé,

I’ve uploaded the ‘Spike Protein/Jab Remedies’ file to Proton Drive

Here is the link to facilitate access:

Almost all files have source attribution at top of the Word document. The PDFs don’t, but the publisher will be obvious on the opening page. If the source is not included, a search of the headline will find it.

(Sorry, I’m running a farm as well as doing this research for my own benefit. Passing this small part of it on to you may help a lot of others with doubts about the jabs and medical problems following being jabbed making it doubly worthwhile. I need a PA to do all this! So, I can do what I need to be doing outside. This role takes anywhere between 4-6 sometimes 8+ hrs daily.)

All articles in this file have some remedial spike protein/jab content. Even if it’s just a paragraph, sentence or mention, that’ll be an important paragraph, sentence or mention justifying inclusion in this file. The glyphosate file, for instance, might not seem relevant but glyphosate has been found in the jabs and most other vaccines. It’s in our water, soil, rainwater, vehicle pollution and on or in our foods.

Glyphosate down-regulates healthy micro-flora in the gut which is the seat of our immune systems. Those microflorae are plants which glyphosate kills off by disruption of the shikamata pathway – just as it kills weeds, crops and trees. Taking Glycine displaces the glyphosate which is then excreted in urine as I understand it, giving our microflora a chance to repopulate our guts and rebuild our vaccine-damaged immune systems. Any Stephanie Seneff articles or interviews are always well worth studying.

(As a nurseryman, orchardist, broad acre vegetable grower, broadacre and greenhouse cut flower grower, retail nurseryman and curator since starting work in 1972 when Roundup first came out, I’ve had a bit to do with it. Now I’m a beginner again learning regenerative farming, feeding the land probiotics and probiotics which create the environment for strong healthy plant and tree growth.)

Some files – the more recent ones – will have a red font to highlight the treatments suggested so they’re easier to find –  I did this so I’m able to consolidate a list of treatments when I get time to.

(I spent quite a bit of time getting my head around Protonmail, ProtonDrive and ProtonVPN over the last few days just to get this to you.)

I sometimes type a comment into the article text between paragraphs as a record of what I’m thinking about when I’m reading at the time. It will be indented, in a 10-point font, highlighted in red, followed by a space, and then my initials “GK.” It’s not for your or anybody else’s attention. I comment or highlight it for my future use – if there is an alternate future to the one we now face.

I hope you and your readers/followers find this information useful. It has to be used. I personally do a lot of this stuff.

Let me know if there are any problems and I’ll do my best to fix them.

Kind regards,

A Caring Farmer “GK”