Letter from a soldier. Ukraine, Poland and Baltics to be merged into a single anti-Russian entity. Russia orientates to winning war with US and NATO.


This is a real message from a real officer in the Russian special forces. The information it contains is true. Translated and published by Russell Bentley, with permission from the author.

Hi, Mom. I am traveling from Tver now, and there’s an opportunity to talk about Putin and his actions as a leader. Clearly, everyone thinks about themselves that they’re a great strategist, while observing a fight from the outside… We all imagine from afar, that “if I were him, I’d do this, that, and that”… However, we don’t have all the information. We do not get daily intelligence briefings as to what is happening in all corners of our country, not just in Donbass. Quite powerful players with serious intelligence and technical capabilities are playing against Putin. Ukraine is run by Great Britain and the USA, who provide them with all satellite intelligence. AWACS airplanes fly over the Black Sea and provide full coordinates for all facilities, including oil derricks and soon. So we are being fought against by the collective West and first and foremost the USA and Great Britain. And they would like for Europe to pay for all of this.

They wish to solve a few problems at once: to weaken, to reduce the level of influence of Europe, to push Europe as far back from Russia as possible. And it would be desirable to create some kind of a unified country between Europe and Russia arbitrarily called “Anti-Russia”. In order to achieve this, Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltic states must be unified.

Currently, they are trying to manipulate the situation in different ways to gradually converge on having the elites of Ukraine and the Baltic states unite with Poland into some kind of a confederation or a federation. They are now quickly rewriting laws in order to allow Polish citizens, officials, prosecutors and others to work in Ukraine without any limitations. The same will now be done in the Baltic States. Lithuania has started acting up by closing the transit way to Kaliningrad, thus provoking Russia to take some actions in response, in order to further convince those, who are still in doubt,that the Baltic states must join this three-way union against Russia at all costs.

If they manage to drive in such a wedge between Europe and Russia, Europe will stop developing, and her abilities will be reversed. Europe will gradually decline and go broke, while Russia,without contact with Europe, will respectively face certain difficulties, because, while possessing a strong raw material resources base, we won’t have access to various technologies that Europeans, namely, the Swiss, the Germans, the Austrians were able to advance in. There was an idea to create a common economic space from Lisbon to the Far East, and as such we would have had a strong geopolitical influence on the Eurasian continent. However, as you see, the British and Americans are taking all possible measures in order to not allow this to happen.

Clearly, liberating Ukraine from nazism was a forced measure, because it was obvious that they would have carried out their plans on their own very soon. They had prepared their most powerful airplane, Mria, the heavy lifter, at the Gostomel airport to carry out a strike on Rostov-on-Don. That is why our airborne troops landed there, took the “stuffing” out of Mria, and took it to Russia. Those were components of a “dirty” nuclear bomb, that was supposed to be used above Rostov-on-Don. Ukraine had planned to attack Donbass, and Russia was supposed to step in. In fact, the fighting was supposed to take place on the border, because they would have made it to the Russian border in 2-3 days by crushing Donbass, as a very serious force was being concentrated there: 250 thousand armed and trained soldiers.

In response, Russia would have started an operation to protect Donbass, but this would, in fact, be happening in Russia or on the border between the DNR and Rostov or Belgorod regions. Respectively, Ukraine would be screeching for the world to hear: “We are under attack! Russia has crossed the border!” She would take everything she had to the skies, including the Mria airplane, and strikes Rostov with a dirty bomb, thus destroying the Black Earth region: Rostov, Krasnodar, and Donetsk. The goal was to make sure that Russia couldn’t use these lands to feed herself and others in the future. A fairly serious food crisis is coming up. The conductors of this crisis believe that if the land is poisoned for an extended period of time, for the next 20-30-50 years, then Russia won’t have such a powerful trump card, which is the fact that she supplies half of the world, half of humanity, with bread.

So, as a result, we started the operation in advance. Of course, perhaps we weren’t entirely prepared for it, but we had no choice. First of all, we took the “stuffing” out of Gostomel, we took everything out of Chernobyl that they tried to do there, and gained control over the Zaporozh’e Nuclear Power Plant. So all the places where they tried to develop their nuclear program were taken under control, (we) took everything out. Further, there was an idea that by surrounding Kiev we would be able to force the Ukrainian elites to rise up in a certain way, as well as the so-called pro-Russian elites, such as Medvedchuk and so on, who could have theoretically led the new and reformed Ukraine. That was plan A.

However, plan A failed. As is usual with the Khokhols, that 2 out of 3 people are always traitors. The same happened here, as the Kiev elites became scared, became terrified; the West clicked its tongue at them, and that was it. They rolled back,nobody had started any uprising in Kiev, they didn’t bring the keys to Kiev out for us. That’s when plan B went into action. Plan B consisted of the systematic destruction of the entire military infrastructure and the slow and gradual finishing off of the rest of it. Therefore, we rolled back. The troops were pulled back to a friendly territory, where we had no evil rear. We know that those behind us won’t shoot us in the back. We created this powerful “horseshoe”. And we suck all their forces in there, everything that they are willing to throw at us.

In other words,this is where we are slowly grinding down their military forces. They keep throwing new reinforcements, new weapons in there. The West keeps throwing whatever it can in there. However, we are sustaining much lower losses, considerably lower losses, about an order of magnitude lower as opposed to what we would have been sustaining, had we been advancing on Kiev or Zaporozh’e, as we are slowly and calmly destroying all of their military infrastructure,including attempting to destroy the maximum number of highly trained troops. When only territorial defense forces, consisting of insane people with sticks and machine guns, remain, it will get easier.

Our next goal will be Nikolaev/Odessa. Ukraine must be cut off from the Black Sea at all costs, because our Black Sea fleet is not safe,as long as Ukraine has access to the Black Sea. And we’ll have access to Transnistria. Transnistria will also be in the safety zone, we’ll protect our people there. And then, more likely than not, it wouldn’t be bad if we could perform a powerful unified advance together with Belarus from two sides, with Belarus from the North and us from the South, from Transnistria to cut Ukraine off its Western border, from Poland and Romania. In other words, to fully block Ukraine from all Western deliveries. That would be the moment,starting with which order could be calmly restored, the elites would be replaced, the blood-suckers that have terrorized Ukraine for the last 8 years would be jailed, and so on.

Of course, understanding all these plans, the West will play various dirty tricks. They will cause an uproar in Lithuania, may try to pounce on Kaliningrad; they will most likely pounce on Transnistria through Romania (Romanians will creep through Moldova), and Poland will creep onto Ukrainian territory with an ostensibly peacekeeping mission, trying to overtake, to bite off at least the Western regions of Ukraine. Thus,quite serious clashes with the NATO block are possible. Clearly, one must not rush at this point.

Putin is not throwing the newest weapons (into the battle) at this point, he’s using only old tanks, such as T-62’s, T-70’s, T-80’s. It seems that the T-90“Breakthrough” has now been observed in Donbass. However, it seems to me that only older equipment is being used now, primarily, in order to dispose of it, because disposal is expensive, and secondly because there’s plenty of it to grind through everything that Ukraine is capable of putting against it. However, when the NATO block creeps in, we must have powerful reserves in order to deal with the NATO block in all seriousness.

Nothing will stop with just Ukraine. This is just the beginning, and a fairly serious mess is in the future. Therefore, all those who are now yelling: “Let’s strike on Kiev now!”, well, yes, perhaps it would be great to do so now, while running on emotions, but that would bring a certain level of chaos into the control (of the operation). In other words, we could destroy the command centers and remove the insane Khokhols. However, as the next step, NATO would have to take action to take control over Ukraine and to start controlling everything on its own, which would make it more difficult for us. Therefore, it’s better to keep dealing with these morons. Let them control these troops, while we are grinding them down. When the time comes, the morons in Kiev will be dealt with. It seems, it’s too early to do so now.

Therefore, it’s clear that the people of Donbass are suffering, Donetsk is suffering, but these are the last months of their suffering. More likely than not, the stronghold in Avdeevka will be surrounded and destroyed, and Donetsk will be in deep rear, like Mariupol is now. Nobody’s touching or bombing Mariupol now. Donetsk will be liberated some day. Clearly, there are people tired of the war, there are people who hate Russians because they didn’t help in the right way, not quickly enough, not fast enough, but it’s not everyone.

There’s a certain journalist named Anatoly Shariy, whose people are currently interviewing people in Mariupol and he posts them Youtube. The majority, about 95% of city residents speak of Azov fighters with hatred, they speak about the crimes they committed in the city. There are no words of anger or hate towards Russians, who liberated them. There’s regret that the city was destroyed, that people had lost their apartments, however,in general most people are in high spirits, because the future holds no darkness that was lingering over them. The same will now be felt by people in Melitopol, in Kherson, in Tokmak, in liberated areas. They will see that life in Russia is much more fair, honest, and better than under the rule of nazis. They will have better social safety net programs, better retirement support, they will have a functioning electrical and gas infrastructure, they will not have such high utility bills. As the end result, they will feel that there’s a change for the better, and gradually even the skeptics will calm down.

For now everyone must remain patient. And one can only wish for Putin to remain patient. He has a very serious and difficult job,because very serious players are up against him, very powerful players, including the domestic fifth column – the bankers, social leaders, the liberal block of the government, and so on. All of them desire to somehow roll back to the past, as “everything was just peachy, everything was fine, we had our palaces, our families, our airplanes, our yachts… What are you doing, Putin, what have you done to us, you cut off our oxygen supply.” Clearly, this is where he’ll have to replace the elites. And if that is to be done, it must be gradually done starting now, with the support of the power block, gradually changing the attitudes within the society, in order to bring about a powerful societal demand for change within Russia. And that could result in us actually making it, because this is a war for life or death. We will not be allowed to step aside, saying:“Let’s just leave everything as is, let’s go back to February24th.” The West is on a mission to grind us into a fine powder, rip us to shreds, reduce us to the level where we become completely harmless to them. They deeply regret that they were unable to complete this work during the Yeltsin/Gorbachev era. They had relaxed as they thought they had already won, clapping Yeltsin on the shoulder and laughing at him, thinking that they had Russia in their pocket. And suddenly it became clear that they had made a grave mistake by relaxing too early, by believing in their victory too early. Now they are reaping bitter fruits.

And we have just two options: return with the shield or on the shield. Either we put them back in their place and eventually mark our borders with red lines, beyond which they cannot stick their noses, or we roll back to the liberal darkness, and that’s when they would obtain another colony to rob for the next 50 years or so, and live prosperously and richly by ransacking our country. Thus, I think, we all need to consolidate and help each other in one way or another. Currently, the All-People’s Front is collecting money on their website, there’s a button to transfer money. People do transfer money. Yesterday an announcement was made at my work,everybody gave what they could, and there were 65 million rubles collected by evening in order to help the armies of Donetsk and Lugansk. This financial support is meant to buy the guys bulletproof vests, necessary weapons, drones and so on, because they are basically a militia. Clearly, the Ministry of Defense provided them with a bit of weapons, some uniforms.

However, hopefully there are sufficient supplies for our own army, so it’s better that people unite to help. This is how it was during the Great Patriotic War(WWII), people helped to the best of their abilities, worked at factories, and so on. It is the same now. Don’t stay away as if“it’s not our war, (it’s just) somebody fighting somewhere, and we’re going out for coffee and dancing.” When Russia participated in the Russian-Japanese war, similar attitudes were prevalent in the society: “This is not our war, this is happening somewhere far.” As a result, we lost that war. Neither the people, nor the elites understood the point of the war and did not support it. The same took place in 1914, during WWI, as everybody relaxed, which almost lead to the country breaking apart. However,during the Great Patriotic War, the government managed to organize the society, to consolidate it. The entire fifth column was cleansed out.

People recall 1937, but that was a forced measure. All people, who could be working for the enemy, were removed from power,from all dangerous facilities. Only those, who were loyal to the country, to the Motherland, and who were ready to shred (the enemy)with their teeth, remained. And, as a result, after resisting for 4years, we really did shred them. The unified Europe was defeated. The entire Europe, short of Greece and Serbia, worked for Hitler. Currently, the same is happening, only now Greece is also against us, with just Serbia being for us. Thus, it’s practically the same attack (on us), and we must stand up to it. Therefore, whether some approve or disapprove of Putin’s politics, whether they support it or not, it doesn’t matter now. We must be shoulder to shoulder here, domestically. We’ll figure it out later. For now the mission is to win the war.

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5 Responses to “Letter from a soldier. Ukraine, Poland and Baltics to be merged into a single anti-Russian entity. Russia orientates to winning war with US and NATO.”

  1. danceaway says:

    What an incredibly erudite young man!

    On the round table with John Mark Dugan a few days ago, one of the topics discussed was the intellectual level of the Russian people. iearlgrey remarked that Russians ask you what books you are reading, and expect this to be books of quality. Russell remarked that more of his Russian friends have read Mark Twain or James Fenimore Cooper than his American friends.

    To think that this is just a letter, written in a brief moment of respite, not an essay written and rewritten over a period of time, and yet it has the excellence of such. As well as being informative, iit is inspirational. These are the people who are attempting to save humanity from we westerners who are hellbent on destroying it. The Royal Opera House in London is exdluding the Bolshoi from World Ballet Day this year, Russia, of course, being the home of ballet. I will boycott it this year.

  2. danceaway says:

    I see Mark Crispin Miller has picked up the letter and published it on his substack, so that is more exposure.

  3. raymond says:

    Some caution might be prudent .
    Any well educated researcher across readily available sites could have produced such a ‘letter ‘ .
    So , perhaps regard it as interesting but not conclusive without other support background information , imo .

    • Tapestry says:

      The letter came via Russell Texas Bentley. It only says what most people who follow alternative sources in the area already ‘know.’ No source is perfect. Use your discretion.The West was hoping Russia wouldn’t really fight but roll over and sacrifice the patriots like Putin. The West is now increasingly isolated across the world, as we blunder into economic and military catastrophe. At some point we will have to row back. Sooner better than later. At this juncture only the English Democrats offer a political pathway to peace.