KGB Involvement In The 9/11 False Flag

KGB Involvement In The 9/11 False Flag

Yes, 9/11 was mostly done by Israel, however Russia’s role is almost never talked about in 9/11 truth circles. This video by Johnny Gat does a good job breaking down the role of Russia in the attacks. On the week before 9/11, Russian war planes harassed US aircraft in the North Pacific and Alaskan arctic region. Due to this provocation, NORAD was put on high alert to monitor the Russian air force exercise and monitor out looking for potential invaders rather than monitoring inside America’s borders.

Many in the intelligence community consider the KGB to be the forefather of the Mossad, the the relationship goes back to before Israel was even a state. Mossad and Russian Intelligence were working together at the time of 9/11 and had been cooperating closely since 1995 and The First Chechen war. Do you honestly believe Russia pulling this stunt a week before 9/11 was just a coincidence? After all, the concept of modern terrorism came out of the USSR starting with Trotsky and Lenin’s Red Terror.

Here is a quote from former Mossad operations chief Juval Aviv to digest.

“Mossad is an old school…it’s an old Russian school” —Juval Aviv



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  1. newensign says:

    At the time of 9/11 Russia was firmly in control of the City of London through the KM as are the intelligence services including Mossad, These people always hide their identity and location, Ian.