Italy Ends Ban on Non-Vaxxed Healthcare Workers

ER Editor: More evidence of the tide turning. Here’s the Reuters’ report on which the following is taken: Italy to end ban on health workers not vaccinated against Covid


Italy ends ban on non-vaxxed health workers – is there any medical reason for any ban – anywhere in the world?

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Italy ends ban on the Unvaccinated… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

(10) on Twitter: “JUST IN – Italy to end the ban on non-vaccinated health workers and cancel fines imposed on people aged 50+ who refused to get vaccinated against COVID, new Health Minister Schillaci announces.” / Twitter

Cancelling fines imposed by psychopaths is not as good as restoring pay and conditions, but it is a start!

Fresh on the heels of the decision by a NY Supreme Court judge that the NY City Mayor’s decision on workplace bans was “arbitrary and capricious” – which is legalese for “cruel and vicious”, Italy has joined the return to the human race.

ER: This see report by Michael Nevradakis for CHD – ‘The Dominoes Are Falling’: New York Supreme Court Strikes Down COVID Vaccine Mandate for NYC Public Workers

The ball is rolling. Maybe the UK will be next. The UK has 40-50,000 care workers that could be reinstated on the same basis – tomorrow – at a time when it is several hundred thousand short of such workers. (ER: France has thousands of care workers, too, who have been left hanging out to dry. Macron said something about retraining them …)

The world knows the C19 injections are worse than useless and that discriminatory employment policies against the unvaxxed are no different from apartheid and the worst kinds of racism.




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Italy Ends Ban on Non-Vaxxed Healthcare Workers


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  1. ian says:

    This is probably to postpone a massive problem from triggering people too early. I can see someone at the top, saying, “tell Italy to back off on the vax ban on health workers, for the moment at least. We got Rishi in in the UK good, Back off in France but up the immigration, etc etc.