Is China the primary threat to the West, and not Russia?

With so much emphasis on Russia and her intentions for the future, what lies behind the willingness of the West to commit military and economic suicide in furtherance of NATO’s contest with Russia?  Why is there not a similar discussion going on about China?  Are we being fooled?  Is the Chinese government exerting much more influence on the world than is generally realised?

Russia will fight a war with NATO if it has to.  But would much prefer not to.  So what is driving the US and Europe on its current course to self destruction?  This analyst says CHina is being wrongly read across the world.  China is far more ambitious to gain control of the world than people in the West have realised.

Sentiment against China is increasing after COVID and the revelations of the bio-labs in Wuhan.  What else is there to be afraid of?


4 Responses to “Is China the primary threat to the West, and not Russia?”

  1. danceaway says:

    The threat from China has been discussed in some US alternative media for quite a long time. It has been claimed that China has bought up much of the farmland as they need more land for food; it has also been claimed that there are Chinese troops stationed just across the border in Canada, ready to advance. One of the proponents of this view whom I remember is Dave Hodges. I believe he has a radio programme.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    China certainly is sitting pretty at the moment. The west is self destructing whilst they watch and wait. Russia is not a threat either, Russia never really wants to expand, why would it given is massive size with all those bountiful resources. Hard to see why Russia needs anything more, maybe more people?

    So China can just bide it’s time and grow it’s strength whilst “our” lot do their worst. Do we have any reason to think that China wants to be the new hegemon? I’m not aware of anything credible but maybe I’m missing something

    All that Wuhan/Covid/China stuff is BS to my mind. Maybe China felt threatened by the covid bioweapon that we in the west concocted and released? Who could blame them given that all those biolabs are US creations, US financed and US managed

  3. Tapestry says:

    Why has our language been adjusted? ‘It is’ shortens to it’s. ‘Its’ is of it. Even headteachers write this incorrectly. Not all that long ago you could be caned for doing it the wrong way by the head teacher. Is it cultural programming setting out to confuse how we spell our language? Probably. Mao Tse Tung was a Rothschild protege – killing 95 million of his own people in the cultural revolution. He said Communism is not love. It is the weapon with which we smash our enemies. The Nationalists were cut off by the Rothschilds financially and so lost the war and escaped to Formosa (Taiwan). The Communists still want them crushed to this day. That said Chinese people in general are highly cultured over thousands of years, and are a kindly people. Their government is all powerful and ordinary people in the cities have little choice. It can be a brutal place. People left bloodied on the side of the road after an accident with traffic just passing by. A Chinese friend once said to me, ‘ You wonder why we think money is important in China. In your country, if you have nothing, the government will give you money. In China, you die.’

    • pete fairhurst says:

      My daughter lived there for 18 months a few years back, in Nanjing [Nanking, as was, scene of a massacre in the 30’s].

      She would confirm all this, a brutal place indeed