8 Responses to “In the latest Richplanet video linked below I answer a number of accusations made recently by the BBC.”

  1. Belyi says:

    Richard D. Hall is an excellent investigator. Although I know that the BBC is part of the deep state, I’m horrified at their hassling people who don’t want to talk to them because they don’t trust them and then cutting the results to try and make the people look silly.

    Fortuntely many people are now waking up and the more who refuse to pay the licence fee for propaganda and garbage the faster the BBC will sink into oblivion.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Yes it is very easy to do that too. All you have to do is phone them up and tell them that you NEVER watch ANY live tv, not just the BBC, ANY live tv. A quick google search will identify helpful sites to steer you through the process

      They will cancel your direct debit easily. I expect that this is happening more and more often now. Expect the licence to be replaced by some sort of tax eventually

      They will warn you that, if they catch you, watching, that you will be fined. But how will they actually do that? Their old story about “detector” vans was quietly dropped. Probably because it was patent nonsense, no such vans are technically possible. And who would be stupid enough to let an agent of the Beeb into their home? Only an idiot

      • ian says:

        Hi Pete, My good lady, ? my wife is too scaredy cat to do it. Nobody should willingly fund the lying, and much more that could get me locked up for saying it, BBC. Boycott them. Though he was boring to watch at the cricket.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Well I certainly wasn’t saying that your good lady is an idiot Ian!

        But it is surely known to us all that “every Englishman’s home is his castle”. I know that you are not English, but you get my drift. I don’t expect that Nanny Sturgeon has done away with that yet in your neck of the woods, even if she would like to

        Nobody in the uk is obliged to invite ANYONE into their home are they? Police, “officials”, tax inspectors, local government folk, social services, dole officers, anyone at all….

        So why would you, what is there to gain? There is no need to be rude. All you need to do is politely say “I do not wish to contract with you today, thank you very much. Goodbye”. Then shut the door, nothing that they can do about that at all

      • ian says:

        Thanks Pete, My wife is a perfect example of the TV brigade. Anyhoo, that’s another issue. I agree and I don’t watch any live TV. Thanks Pete. Much respect and kindest regards.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        I was overjoyed when I canned them earlier this year. You can even claim a refund of past payments if you swear that you’ve never watched live tv for the period in question. I didn’t bother with that though, felt it would be dishonest and it was so good to be rid of the lying cheats from my bank account for ever in any event

        The greatest living Yorkshire man was boring? Behave Ian, that is libel in this neck of the woods. Although I have to admit that he wasn’t the most exciting of cricketers, he was certainly very very good

        Didn’t Botham deliberately run him out once when he was grinding out another boring test innings? I seem to recall that he did, and that received a lot of praise for his public service too. Boycott was the chalk, Botham was the cheese,

        I once sat in the pavilion of Old Trafford during a test match and Both came out to bat smoking a cigarette, which he docked out on the gate to the pitch. He scored 50 in short order. Different world now

      • ian says:

        I agree about Boycott Pete. He was an exceptional batsman, and if you wanted bowlers worn out, he was your man. He wasn’t entertaining though. I hated that kind of cricket. I did like that era of cricket though.

      • Belyi says:

        I don’t live in the UK so that doesn’t arise, but I did have a friend over 20 years ago who was presented with a fine for watching TV without a licence. There is so much opposition now that I doubt it could happen again.