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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Russian MoD: UK Royal Navy Officials Involved in Nord Stream Terrorist Act
    4 hours ago (Updated: 3 hours ago)

    Moscow classifies the Nord Stream pipeline blasts as acts of international terrorism, as Denmark and Sweden bar Russia from probing the incidents. The Russian Foreign Ministry underscores that the investigation can be considered reliable and objective only if Moscow participates in it.
    The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has stated that UK Royal Navy officials took part in the planning and implementation of a terrorist attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline network in the Baltic Sea on September 26.

    “According to the obtained data, the UK Navy representatives took part in planning, organizing and carrying out the terrorist act in the Baltic Sea on September 26, 2022 to blow up the Nord Stream-1 and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines,” the MoD said in a statement on Saturday.–in-nord-stream-terrorist-act-1102824104.html