Hurricane Ian has turned electric vehicles into ticking time bombs: “Extreme hazard”

When lithium comes into contact with water it becomes highly volatile, I would not be using water here. It is another reason why they spontaneously combust and explode. Lithium, in general, is a highly volatile and unstable material…Insanity that they claim this is the future and, no, nothing will iron these flaws out unless a new material equivalent to lithium is found for these batteries.

The rarity of these materials and the constantly expanding demand for them, due to these vehicles, and the inefficient manner in which it is exploited in, largely, Africa via slave labor, is not sustainable; an irony, I know.

However, this is all by design.


One Response to “Hurricane Ian has turned electric vehicles into ticking time bombs: “Extreme hazard””

  1. Tapestry says:

    Amazingly petrol cars never go on fire. That’s because they make huge profits for government and corporations which deflect cameras and bury the reality of people burned alive trapped inside vehicles. Lithium-6 is a vital ingredient of hydride which would release water as a fuel. It is illegal to trade it. Funny that…