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SIXTY MILLION men, women and children were placed in CONCENTRATION CAMPS all over the USA and Canada – long before the concentration camps run by Hitler and his financier, the British Prince Carl Eduard Saxe-Coburg were built.

These concentration camps for American and Canadian Indians were called ‘reservations’ and their children were tortured and murdered in so called ‘Residential Schools’, which were run by nuns and priests.

Their bodies were burned, or just tossed into unmarked graves. And it didn’t happen just in the USA and Canada – it has been going on in Ireland and Scotland too…

THE SECRET HOLOCAUST film exposes an international network of fake nuns and fake priests. Many of them were Frankist-Sabbateans, or outright SATANISTS.

These counterfeit Clergy dupe people to believe they are part of the Catholic Church – this is a snippet from one of their secret masses:

“I believe in the mystery of Baphomet and the Demiurge.
I believe in one acknowledged superior Church, represented by the White Brotherhood!”

History has proven that many of these fake nuns and priests are pedophile rapists and fraudsters – but they look no different to a normal nun or priest – and some have been working at Catholic institutions for decades…

In Canada, for nearly one hundred years, Catholic nuns and priests raped children. These nuns and priests were given money from the government, given donations on plates, received money from the British Crown and Canadian government for supposedly educating the children at so called ‘RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS’ – and all this money was TAX FREE… An almost identical program of genocide was funded by the U.S. government.


In 2004, child victims of the Duplessis orphanage demanded to exhume several hundred bodies in an abandoned cemetery in Montreal so they can be tested for evidence of medical experiments.

Nuns at the Duplessis orphanage have been accused of NAZI-style concentration camp experiments and carrying out unauthorised brain surgery on children.  American Indian activist, Floyd Westerman said that Hitler got the idea for his concentration camps from the Indian reservations and schools set up in the USA and Canada in the 1800s.

Rod Vienneau, a spokesperson for the group of Duplessis orphans in Montreal, said experiments they suspect were performed on living children included lobotomies – that is the removal of a part of the brain – being performed by a nun or a priest who has no medical training.

Our research for this film has for the first time identified similarities to the MK-ULTRA mind control and brainwashing techniques used in Canada by a Scottish doctor Ewan Cameron.

As soon as First Nations children were snatched, they were brainwashed by the nuns and priests – some of the children were given a number – not a name.  Their heads were shaved. They were forbidden to speak their native languages:  All this long long before the era of Joseph Mengele…

Nuns at Residential Schools and orphanages were allowed to sell bodies to medical schools for $10. No one knows how many orphans ended up on the dissection tables for medical students… Meanwhile, indigenous Irish and Scottish children were also being injected with experimental vaccines.  The culprits of the Irish and Scottish mass murders were the exact same priests and nuns who were actively involved in genocide against First Nations people in America and Canada.

For the first time ever on film – we show the relations between killer nuns and priests in several countries – and how they travelled globally and trafficked babies and children.

This secret holocaust is far larger than the second world war holocaust – and what we reveal in this film is that part of the holocaust which killed  Canadian and American Indians and murdered countless indigenous Irish and Scottish babies was funded in- part by the British Crown and Vatican.

THE ENIGMA CHANNEL team make in-depth documentaries, news reports and movies… You can kiss goodbye to all those unedited wobbly short clips on Youtube… 


2 Responses to “Holocaust”

  1. ian says:

    Yes it sounds about right, The Magdalene Laundries in Ireland, the Kincora boys home, the orphanages and mental hospitals visited by Saville and no doubt his “friends”. The Abu Ghraib Prison in Bagdad where children were raped while their hysterical mothers watched from behind bars. They would be next.
    Disturbing AF.

    Normal?, what is normal?. I was brought up, the eldest of 5 kids to a poor-ish working class family in the 50’s in a village. No stealing, no “dirty”, stuff, no swearing at least at home. No TV and no idea what other people were like anywhere else. We eventually got a TV, Lassie, The Lone Ranger, Dixon of Dock Green, they all reinforced our “normal” ways. At 12 I unfortunately passed what was known round here as a control exam. This meant that I could go to Annan Academy, instead of the local school. I was extremely apprehensive, it’s a personality thing. My Dad insisted that I get school dinners, and so I found myself sharing a table with 15 year old rough asses, on free school meals. Their antics, “screwing the lid off the salt, etc” saw me severely fed up with life in general, and no easy way out. It felt like I was in jail. Yes I was a soft kid, and no it didn’t toughen me up. One insignificant 12 year old against Annan, and all the authority figures and expectations they had. Failure. I wrote a poem on the back of one of my jotters, Through dark despair I walk alone, it went. I got a lecture from my Dad for writing it. He still sometimes talks to me in my dreams. “Get a fucking shave”, he said two nights ago. I rarely shave in the mornings, so when Jinty got up and I was shaving, she looked puzzled and mentioned it. I said oh, my dad was twining at me so I thought I’d better have a shave. She laughed. We’ve been married 49 years, and so she knows me pretty well. Nutter she said as she wandered away laughing. No I’m no happy camper, I’m different, I can make others laugh, a defence mechanism of sorts. I can fix things and build things, and make things, and people use my skills to their advantage.

    I’m on a quarter of the SSRI dosage that I was on three months ago, and I don’t feel bad, kinda flat, but not bad. I feel like my writing here indicates, and all I set off to say really, was that I can empathise with the despair that these people must feel. I can go into their shoes. I know that I’ve never suffered as they suffered but I can guess and suffer with them.

    • ian says:

      It must have been the F word that got this comment impounded this morning. I’m pleased I found it, I though I must have dreamed it.