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Here’s a Great Reminder of Things About the Covid Era We May Have Forgotten

So much has happened over the last few years that it’s easy to forget a lot of it.  In August a report ‘Research Report for Covid-19’ was published.  It is the culmination of two years’ worth of research on Covid. It covers a broad range of topics including mock pandemics that came true, Covid “vaccine” ingredients, the pandemic of the vaccinated, remdesivir, 5G and – a topic no report on Covid would be complete without – “Bill Gates is a problem.”

“Prepared by an epidemiologist, this report shares and reviews clinical studies, documentaries, articles, reports, interviews, personal injuries and other matters regarding Covid-19 and the so-called vaccines,” the report states.

The author, whom we will call Researcher Joe (“RJ”), chooses to remain anonymous. RJ informed The Exposé that he/she is an epidemiologist and biologist who is a researcher for both a university and a health care company.

“I’ve been researching, gathering and reviewing much information regarding the Covid situation. Along the way, I started compiling this information into a comprehensive report to better understand the complexity and truth of the matter. I’m not looking for any notoriety with [a website I developed to host my report]. I’m choosing to stay anonymous for now. I just wanted to do something meaningful during this trying and evil time,” RJ said.

RJ has published the comprehensive 36-page report which can be read and downloaded HERE.  It is well indexed and so it’s easy to pick up topics of interest one at a time, as and when time allows, and consider the information RJ has gathered.  It’s a useful overview and a good reminder of what occurred during the Covid era.  For those who are only just beginning their journey in discovering what has been happening since early 2020, this report is a must-read.

RJ has also designed a survey to gather additional information.  You can help RJ with his/her research by taking the survey the link for which can be found on RJ’s website HERE, which leads to the survey HERE.

As a sample of the report’s contents, we have selected two sections and copied them below: ‘Moderna News for You to Know’ and ‘Ingredients of The Covid Vaccines and Potential Effects’.

Moderna News for You to Know

Moderna refers to its mRNA vaccine as an injectable operating system with programs. They later removed this language from their website.


Moderna’s Covid shot is its first product approved by the FDA…ever. Since making this product, Moderna’s market capitalization increased to $54.3 billion from $6.6 billion.


Several countries such as Sweden, Finland and Denmark banned the Moderna shot for young men since it was causing many cases of myocarditis.

Stainless steel fragments were found in Moderna vaccine vials in Japan. Two men died after being injected with shots from this batch (2nd link).



Moderna recalled nearly 765,000 vaccine doses after founding a foreign body in the batch.


This article shares the dangers of injecting Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), an ingredient in Covid shots, into the abdomen of mice. It was toxic, and half the mice had to be euthanized.


Ingredients of The Covid Vaccines and Potential Effects

This article shares the dangers of injecting Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), an ingredient in Covid shots, into the abdomen of mice. It was toxic, and half the mice had to be euthanized.


Polyethylene glycol (PEG), an ingredient in Covid shots, is also the active ingredient in MiraLAX, a laxative. Many lawsuits were filed from people having adverse reactions to MiraLAX. Many people are allergic to PEG. Also, FDA found small traces of antifreeze in MiraLAX (2nd link).

https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/vaccine/how-covid-19-vaccine-can-hurt-those-allergic-to-miralax-laxitive/77-84923362-7952-41e8-974e-9173b1150652 [Note from The Exposé, we were unable to access this link.]

Here are the dangers of Polysorbate 80 (P80), an ingredient in the J&J shot. It’s in many foods, and studies found that people consuming high amounts of P80 may experience chronic inflammation and/or tumour development. Also, when injected, P80 can cross the blood-brain barrier, which may explain the high number of brain clots with the J&J vaccine.

SM-102 is a lipid ingredient in the Moderna shot. Scroll to the bottom of the first link below where it reads—Caution: Product has not been fully validated for medical applications. For research use only. The second link states—SM-102 is not for human or veterinary use.


A group in the United Kingdom called the Global Humanitarian Crisis Prevention and Response Unit (UNIT) found significant amounts of graphene compounds, carbon composites, and iron oxide inside the Covid shots for Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Particularly, graphene oxide can damage organs, cells, mitochondria and DNA. UNIT shared this report with police authorities in hopes of them charging the British government with criminal offences. Also, UNIT requested the British government to immediately halt the Covid shots pending the police investigation.


The Covid shots contain foetal tissue cells or cells from an aborted foetus.


Here’s a fact sheet with the ingredients of the Pfizer shot. It states the risks and benefits are unknown.


Here’s a fact sheet with the ingredients of the Moderna shot.


Here’s a fact sheet with the ingredients of the J&J shot. It states the risks and benefits are unknown.


Package inserts for Covid shots are blank, lacking ingredients or safety data.

Featured image: Singing “Safely” in the Covid Era, University of Iowa Health Care


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  1. Occams says:

    One of my absolute favorites was a guy in a hospital bed with several medical techs and doctors, masked, glasses, shields, hazmat suits on, circling the guy…..

    Meanwhile, in the corner, the camera pans across a friend or relative, kind of a burly 50’s/60’s guy, just sitting there, street clothes, unmasked, watching the entire Clown Show production, completely unbothered by the theatrics or the ‘covid dangers’.

    Wish I could post that vid.