Graphene Oxide: the Ticking Bomb.

If there is one ingredient alone which resembles the Trojan Horse that is present in the horrific vials of poison which the Deep State and its lackeys have been pushing on the peoples of the world, it is Graphene Oxide. Once injected, like an insidious serpent, it spirals its way through the veins and arteries of the victim, into the major organs, clogging up the veins and spewing out venomous nano-particles that pass the blood-brain barrier and into the neural pathways of the victims, causing untold damage and a spate of sudden but always ‘unaccountable’ deaths.

When a friend tells me his elderly father has had a debilitating lung infection for some 6 months and is undergoing a series of medical tests to determine what the issue might be, my immediate thought is did he have the 3 Dart Finish?

That question was answered in the affirmative.

The ‘trade secret’ ingredient in the vile vials is Graphene Oxide. This toxic ingredient was loaded into the Flu Vaccines of 2019-20, as documented by the findings of La Quinta Columna, the Spanish team of scientists and medical professionals who carried out extensive investigations into the sick serums.

The genocidal jabbing of the World’s populations is a ticking bomb whose detonation is slowly releasing a variety of life-threatening diseases and medical conditions like myocarditis and thrombosis in the victims.

The following link is to a highly informative video by La Quinta Columna lays out the effects of ‘Graphene-enhanced acute irradiation syndrome’:

Richard Delgardo states,

Graphene oxide, which is injected, as a prime material in ‘vaccines’ is eliminated from the body through our lungs. But if it is irradiated whilst found in the lungs, the subsequent inflammation of the lung tissue causes bilateral pneumonia.


If the vaccinated survive the initial doses of graphene oxide injected into their blood, it will be degraded in the body by the neutralising antibodies that are responsible for its degradation.


Once the graphene and its toxicity is gone, so are the antibodies that neutralise the substance, which also trigger our immunoglobulins. This is why people are being forced to be revaccinated every 3 months, in order to maintain the body’s levels of this toxic substance, by claiming that they no longer possess immunity.”


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