Gonzalo Lira – Dr John Campbell Getting Red-Pilled

Gonzalo says he is a doctor; this may be incorrect; he may have a PhD in Nursing or Nursing Education? Please correct me if I am in error. ( He may not have had the same degree of brainwashing as doctors in medical training receive.)



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2 Responses to “Gonzalo Lira – Dr John Campbell Getting Red-Pilled”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Excellent advice Gonzalo

    I’ve watched Dr Campbell become red pilled over this last couple of years too. He is a very good man who deserves respect. It’s been fascinating to watch him realise the truth but be unable to say it because he knows that, if he did then, it would lead to instant loss of his well regarded YT channel

    But you can tell by looking in his eyes that he KNOWS. And, as we all know then, when you accept that you’ve been fooled then, the whole world changes for you. It changes very very much for the better too, and forever, there is no way back after that and no desire to go back either

  2. Mick says:

    Another problem for TPTB is when people change their opinion about the scamdemic it is always people coming over to our view and never the other way round. It’s never a sceptic who became a believer. That alone says so much about how detached from reality it truly is.