2 Responses to “Gerald Celente has been ‘ Saying it like it is’ for years, and he isn’t stopping now!”

  1. raymond says:

    A far more realistic assessment than Clif High’s latest, “It’s going to get very bumpy”. imho.
    As GC rightly comments, ” When all else fails, they take you to war”.
    But with Uncle P running rings round the US in Ukey Land and only days away from his next decisive push, what last gasp act of utter lunacy are the US mad hats planning?
    Could my worst dream come true and Sleepy flies to Poland to meet Zippy the Jelly Baby Puppet and both are terminated by a fake Russian assassin?

  2. danceaway says:

    I agree with your comparison here, raymond.
    One reason I decided to post the Clif High video was that he is not making quite as many videos recently, having gone over to sugstack and podcasts and his newsletter for much of his content, so it was an opportunity to introduce hm to some on The Tap who may never have seen or heard him.
    I had some misgivings about the chap interviewing him, not sure which camp he is in, but have yet to look into that. Have you any view on him?