2 Responses to “Fluoride? Suggested by sovereigntea.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Data sheet here

    SEE Allowable contaminants
    lead arsenic cadmium antimony MERCURY


    Purity Criteria
    BS EN 12175:2006 Section 4 provides information on the purity requirements of Fluorosilicic acid.
    Limits have been given for impurities and chemicals parameters where these are likely to be present
    based on the production process and raw materials.
    20% Fluorosilicic acid supplied by Yara complies fully with specification requirements: BS EN 12175:2006,
    Section 4.3 Impurities, main by-products Table 1 – Impurities and Section 4.4 Chemical Parameters Table
    2 – Chemical Parameters.
    Yara Industrial monitor the level of each element which will be added to drinking water as a result of
    dosing fluorosilicic acid to achieve the Water Act 2003 recommended fluoride concentration of 1 mg/litre.

    • ian says:

      Thanks for that Sovereigntea. It’d good to keep in mind that we are viewed as vermin to be kept down. Though I’d rather be us, than a parasite like them.