5 Responses to “Feisty Brit says some things most are thinking since the Covid Clot Shot genocide attempt”

  1. nixon scraypes says:

    She may be Australian not a Brit!

    • AneRose says:

      Who cares!?! She nailed it!

    • Belyi says:

      My mother was a native born Londoner but when one of her suppliers came on the phone he always announced himself with ‘tie me kangaroo down’ because he insisted she had an Australian accent.

  2. ian says:

    Yep English moved to Aus’. Great finish to her brief tirade though. Can you have a brief tirade?? Loved it.

  3. Tapestry says:

    A friend had the COVID booster and the flu shot all in one day. I had no choice but to remain with him as we working together on a screen. I fell ill the next day with stomach, chest and low oxygen issues. I’m managing to keep going but am needing various interventions to keep me up and about. As far as I know the friend is doing OK so far. Had he warned me prior to my going to his office, I might have rescheduled. On the other hand each time you see off COVID, the antibodies are growing better and stronger…As for discussing VXEns with him, he would be telling me I was wrong so I keep quiet.