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Why doesn’t Putin finish it once and for all? Why is he still referring to Western leaders as being his “colleagues”, after all they’ve done? Why is he still offering to provide his (allegedly) mortal enemies with gas and oil? Why does Ukraine still have a functional electrical grid, thus allowing Ukrainians to go about their merry lives as if nothing at all was happening? Why is he already tapering off on the blitz he started in response to the Kerch bridge terrorist attack after just 3 short days? Why hasn’t he taken the Donbass completely back yet after all this time? Why isn’t he using the undeniable air superiority that Russia clearly possesses over this specific theater of conflict in order to pummel and obliterate Ukrainian ground forces & defenses?

Mobilization no, mobilization yes …prisoner exchanges no, prisoner exchanges yes …war crimes trials for Azov Battalion leaders yes, war crimes trials for Azov Battalion leaders no …why does he say one thing one day, only to do the complete opposite the next? Why does he apparently show as much interest in stretching this conflict out as his (alleged) opponents clearly do? Why does he allow the Ukrainians to freely bomb Russian people living in Eastern Ukraine, to this very day, while absolutely refusing to return the favor by shelling Western Ukraine? Why does he insist on wasting time by appealing to the UN for redress, when even Stevie Wonder can see that said organization is nothing more than a sock-puppet of the USSA? Why hasn’t Zelensky been snatched-up and shipped off to rot in a forgotten prison cell like Manuel Noriega was?

Bottom line: Why isn’t he putting the hurt on Ukraine as he so easily could and should be doing?

Too many why’s and not enough answers, or better yet maybe I should say no answers at all, unless of course we consider the possibility that Putin is yet another stooge, surreptitiously pushing the New World Order agenda just as enthusiastically as his “Western Partners” are.

Are there any other people out there besides Paul Craig Roberts and myself that can smell the powerful odor of BULLSHIT permeating the air?