EXPOSED scandals at London’s radical gender reassignment Tavistock Clinic helping to defeat “mother” of all brainwashing institutions

Ethan Huff – Natural News Oct 26, 2022

Modern American psychiatry, which is heavily influenced if not completely controlled by British psychiatry, has a serious transgender problem.

The Tavistock Clinic in London, which has long pushed a transhumanist agenda particularly on the vulnerable and the abused, is largely behind the radical gender “reassignment” agenda currently sweeping the rest of the world.

Several recent scandals at the Tavistock Clinical are starting to unravel the institution’s dark and evil history – but what has been uncovered thus far is only just the tip of the iceberg.

Since the very beginning, explains David Gosselin on his Substack, the Tavistock Clinic has been conducting “radical experimentation on psychologically vulnerable groups and trauma victims.” (Related: Back in 2019, the mother of a transgender child sued the Tavistock Clinic for lying to her and her child about the “safety” of puberty-blocking pharmaceuticals.)

“Guided by a belief in the endless possibility of remolding human personality and ‘the images of man,’ Tavistockians and their progeny have for over a century functioned as premier social engineers for an Anglo-American financial establishment committed to ‘re-imagining’ humanity à la Brave New World,” he adds.

“For modern Tavistockians and the City of London-Wall Street ‘gods’ whom they serve, human beings are nothing more than blank slates to be written on, individuals with personalities that can be shaped and remolded into whatever image these social engineers deem fit.”

“There is no innate divine spark of creative reason; there exists no deeper science of the human soul – only the conditioning of reflexes and thought patterns in talking animals.”

Transgenderism is social engineering by the globalists to depopulate the planet of real humans

Put differently, the globalists behind the Tavistock Clinic and their partners on Wall Street see humanity as nothing more than a collection of slightly more complex Pavlovian dogs.

With certain triggers, humanity can be controlled by the “gods” of the planet to live and behave how the social engineers desire – one of their biggest desires currently being to reprogram humanity as “trans” rather than male and female.

The way the Tavistock Clinic and its Wall Street partners accomplish this feat is by using “shock doctrines.” This includes strategies of terror, which then inflict the trauma necessary to recondition people into the image of the New World Order.

The ultimate goal is to prevent humans from connecting to their Creator and living in the freedom and sovereignty that He provides. Instead, the social engineers want a race of easily malleable trans robots that obey everything they are told without resistance or emotion.

Much of this is actually covered in Aldous Huxley’s famous Brave New World, which is no longer just science fiction. Now a science realityBrave New World lays a novelistic blueprint for everything taking place at the Tavistock Clinic.

“What happens to the best of Western civilization and its greatest traditions today remains to be seen,” Gosselin writes.

“However, our ability to understand the deeper nature and history of the intellectual and spiritual disease that has rotted out much of the Western world may very well decide whether our civilization succeeds in removing the cancer, whether the disease consumes the entire body, or if we simply end up chopping off the wrong parts.”

With the way things are going, it seems the cancer has won apart from a divine miracle. With each new unpacking of the truth, however, more eyes are opened which in the end could result in a revolution, of sorts, through which humanity as a whole is able to take back what has been stolen from them.

Gosselin’s piece is lengthy but worth the read. It is both disturbing and eye-opening.

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