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Ex-CIA Petraeus, US army may directly intervene. Elensky, world must hit Russia. Boris bromance. U/1

Petraeus speaking of ‘coalition of the willing’.

West/US would like to create a ‘buffer zone’ as they have done in Syria, and thus remain for 10-20 years, with the intention of bleeding Russia dry.

Therefore are crafting a media narrative; keep repeating ‘Russia tactical nukes’, Putin evil, mad man, to get the public on board with the US going in. Need foothold in Ukraine. West headed down path of escalation. Alex creates imaginative speech Biden might give just before the election to justify intervention.

Sly, devious statement created for Z by his handlers.

Shoigu and Austin spoke recently. Alex speculates on what might have been said ( Austin initiated the contact ).

Alex speculates that Russia may lie low until post election, not give the West they are looking for. Refers to The New Atlas’ video posted today. Brian says Ukraine is overstretched. West is desperately trying to create an alternative reality.

Several clown world stories to end the video, including Ukraine/Z badly wanting BJ back in Downing Street.