European Underwater Internet Cables Cut! Major Outages! – Patrick Humphrey Preparedness

Underwater Internet & communications cables have been cut & phone service & internet service are down in Europe. The island of Shetland which is connected to Scotland in the United Kingdom has had major phone & internet outages after their underwater cables were shut down. This could be a test run for something bigger in the EU or USA. Please prepare now for shtf as the grid could go offline.


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  1. ian says:

    This could happen in conjunction with the major bank crash which is coming. Chaos will ensue. No phones, or internet, no TV only BBC radio, vomit bucket at the ready. No shops. Arooogah Arooogah. Nobody panic Captain Mannering. 5 ish days later, a crackely 1930’s TV picture comes on the BBC, everyone kneels crying. “All banks have crashed, but because we really love and care for all of you wonderful creatures, we will give you all £100 a week CBDC as a “TEMPORARY” very very temporary universal basic income”. Just type your vaccine passport number into the Ursula Van der Bourla section of the WEF website, as she is your new sector oberluitenant. Her panel will decide which life destination you will require. IE .1. You will be happy and you will own nothing, 2. You will be unhappy and own nothing, 3 You will be really fed up and will be dead.

    NB, any dissent will move you up one number.

    If the alarms sound, it means Klaus and Charles are doing inspections, and underwear removal and ankle grabbing are mandatory.

  2. Weaver says:

    Great analagy Ian

    • ian says:

      Thanks Weaver. I thought I was being ghosted for a while, as I get few replies. Jinty tells me, I’m being more bad tempered than normal too. I just swear a bit, I’m not violent. Still coming off the Citalopram, but I’m feeling crappy, so am back peddling a little. I have been feeling odd with odd dreams too. found this ————–

  3. Weaver says:

    I am very sorry to hear this Ian, No one deserves to be given medication that causes this serious harm. It certainly is a bodily assault. I hope that you can battle your way through this as it cannot be easy. I apologise if you thought I was ghosting you it was not intentional. I have been distracted recently my daughter has now decided to leave Australia with her husband and one-year-old and settle in the UK. The pressure of Sydney during the lockdown and being unvaccinated meant they were treated like lepers. Thank you for posting those side effects from Citalopram people need to be made aware of these symptoms. Your comments are always interesting to read.

    • ian says:

      I never thought you personally were ghosting me Weaver. I don’t mean to sound childish, sorry. You will certainly have your hands full bless you. My favourite sister Shell/Sheila, has just had her daughter and three kids landed home during lockdown, unable to live with her control freak husband, and Shell’s husband Keith had a heart attack (Covid jab), and he’s recovering from that, so her hands are full.
      Her, and your problems are the by products of the scamdemic that we never hear about. A man in Springfield here, Big Tommy, just died. Tommy was 6’6″ and could have drunk for Britain if there was a boozing world championships. During the lockdown he just laid in bed drinking all day, and he ended up with infected leg ulcers. His legs were amputated, and his best friend alki Steve said he just gave up on life. Tommy and Steve despite their drinking were both nice blokes, and I think the Covid lockdowns will have destroyed many lives. My old neighbour Betty is now knackered and crippled, due to being terrified to go out. As you say us unvaccinated are regarded as lepers by the hard of thinking. I was given a lot of hateful stares for not wearing a mask too. Please accept my apology, if I came across as rude.

      Re the citalopram withdrawal, I was given no advice by the Doctor, and so thought if I came down 5mg a month I’d be OK. I was on 20mg. Down to 15 wasn’t bad, Down to ten wasn’t bad, but as I have started to go down to 5, I’ve just about had all the symptoms mentioned. I have decided to see the Doc on Monday, and I think I’ll stick at 10 for a while.

      Kindest regards friend, and I hope all goes well with your daughter’s move.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Judging by my wife’s experience Ian then, your withdrawal program is far too rapid. She hit a wall at 50% reduction, and on a MUCH more gentle slope than you have chosen. It has literally taken years to get another 20% off

        The other thing that she would definitely advise is to do all your reduction during summer when the light is good. She’s successfully used the last 2 summers to shave that other 20%. But she strongly advises against winter which is the natural time for the blues. She will have another go next Spring

        I’d suggest that you’ve done very well to take 50% off so quickly. But I’d be careful not to be over ambitious if I was you

        No doctor has EVER helped her with this either. They are pharma reps in practice, the whole system is geared for pharma

        Good luck anyway mate, whatever you choose to do. I hope that you get there sooner rather than later

      • Weaver says:

        You always say the most wonderful things Ian. It is sad to watch the destruction of people’s lives at this time so many are destroyed by these unnecessary diktats. However, our strength gives hope to those who are currently weakened by current events. We have to remember there are more good people in this world than bad and collectively we will make a difference in the end. As Pete says you’ve done very well to take 50% off so quickly. I am sure with your willpower you will succeed to make a full recovery.

      • ian says:

        Thanks Pete, as I said, I got no advice or help. Possibly too much too quick as you say. I’ll back off a bit.