European farmers see writing on wall with energy crisis: food shortages are a certainty

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Ethan Huff – Natural News Oct 4, 2022

The latest domino to fall in the current global economic order is food production, which is slowly grinding to a halt in Europe due to the ongoing energy crisis.

It is no longer affordable or even possible to produce the fertilizer needed to grow enough food for current population levels. Fruit and vegetable producers across northern and western Europe say they are having to shut down their greenhouses.

For now, it is not necessarily noticeable at the store that there is a very serious problem. After all, the world is still eating through existing supplies. However, that will very soon change.

“In the coming weeks, I will plan the season but I don’t know what to do,” lamented Benjamin Simonot-De Vos, a farmer from France who grows cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries to the south of Paris.

“If it stays like this, there’s no point starting another year. It’s not sustainable.” (Related: Fellow UN food chief David Beasley warned back in 2020 about a worldwide “famine of biblical proportions.”)

Empty greenhouses means empty stomachs

Johannes Gross, a sales manager at the German cooperative Reichenau-Gemüse, said in a statement to Reuters that production costs have spiked around 30 percent, making it impossible for many farmers to continue growing food profitably.

“Some colleagues are thinking about leaving their greenhouses empty to keep the costs as low as possible,” this person said. “Nobody knows what will happen next year.”

Even in sun-drenched, moderate climate countries like Spain, fertilizer costs are having a major impact on growers.

Keep in mind that fertilizer price inflation is just one component of the complex economic and supply chain formula that keeps the world going. Fuel costs are another as it takes trucks, trains and planes to move food from farm to market.

Shortages, needless to say, are inevitable. Because of this, many supermarkets are already making the switch to sourcing food from countries outside of the European Union, including Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt.

Europe is in a heap of trouble, in major part due to the sanctions it imposed against Russia and its vast supplies of energy – energy that Europe does not have enough of to keep its continental economy going.

“Growing veggies in gas-heated greenhouses is not very sustainable,” wrote a commenter to a story about Europe’s self-imposed demise.

“WHAT?! Are you telling me that these high-minded intellectuals running the EU completely forgot that they cannot sustain food production without the natural gas used TO MAKE FERTILIZER?” joked another.

“The Germans STARTED the whole pulling nitrogen out of the air back in the early 1900s because they were shipping in phosphates from Chile and knew it was unsustainable,” added another.

“THE WORLD knew this back in the late 1800s. This cannot be gross incompetence. I’m a nobody and I know these facts. This has to be something orchestrated by seditionists and traitors fomenting hunger and want against their own people in an attempt to break their national and cultural identities.”

Others noted that the situation is, in fact, being orchestrated on purpose for mass murder and global depopulation as we approach the transition point into the new age. This event is being precipitated with a controlled demolition of the existing world order so it can be replaced with a new world order.

“When the Europeans are freezing and starving this Winter very few of them will give a damn what happens to Ukraine,” wrote someone else about how the mood concerning the war in Ukraine will certainly change once the masses run out of food.”

“Zelensky had better take note.”

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