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Does the US Government Get the Real Facts about What is going on in Ukraine?

Alex and Alexander discuss US Intel. Alexander agrees with Col Macgregor; the politicians are given the intel that they want to hear; if an analyst gives the truth, he loses his job. If not, he is promoted.

It has long been this way; look at Iraq, Syria, Vietnam, Afghanistan. Nothing changes. If Kiev falls, create  a  reason, and move on to the next story.

Interesting discussion and historic references.





One Response to “Does the US Government Get the Real Facts about What is going on in Ukraine?”

  1. Occams says:

    Go to JooToob. HILARIOUS propaganda ALWAYS in my ‘feed’ – regardless that I never look at it.

    On and on about Russia losing, Ukraine decimating Russia, Viagra for Russian troops to help rape Ukrainian women.

    Forwarded one the other day on Telegram that Germany and Elon Musk have developed a new super tank, and “Bye, Bye, Russia!”.

    What shite. (Maybe they can drop rain-soaked Teslas on Russian troops??).

    Which is why the US and Ukraine are prepping’ a Dirty Bomb because “it’s going so well”.

    Unfortunately, 98% will believe Russia nuked Ukraine – and Russia also made sure they did it where the Fallout would mostly hurt Russians.

    Makes sense, right?