Divine Image Destroyed, Name of God erased by shot

Here is the confirmation, hot off the press, CHRISTINE WAS RIGHT and the name of god was changed to 10-5-666-5.




The human genome project revealed that the name of God was written repeatedly into human DNA, and when the “junk DNA” was gone through it was revealed that it contained the hebraic scriptures, all the way up to the New Testament. This was prevalently exposed in the 1990’s but I have not seen anything about it since. The real job of the vaccine is to hijack the DNA and remove the name of God from it so satan can claim it as his own. Watch the video, I have more than a gut feeling this is true, I know THIS IS THE ANSWER. This is exactly why people change after the vax, and why full monks get detached from God after the shot.It also matches the book of revelations perfectly. That’s all been reported on this site, now here is the reason it is happening: