Distracted and Diverted by Political Pantomime, the UK is Rapidly Headed Toward Dictatorship

Mike Robinson explains the enormous scope of the legislation which is oh so  quietly moving forward and will have such an impact on the rights and freedoms we take for granted.

National Security Bill
Report on UK use of covert powers
Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office (IPCO) report

UK Column News – 19th October 2022  ( extract)
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3 Responses to “Distracted and Diverted by Political Pantomime, the UK is Rapidly Headed Toward Dictatorship”

  1. ian says:

    Yes indeedy, and if my memory serves me well, the police can be free to enter relationships, eg if infiltrating groups, and can kill with impunity in more circumstances than before. They can lie cheat, and break the law, and in some cases initiate crimes by groups. Pleased TF I’m old.

    • Aldous says:

      “…UK is Rapidly Headed Toward Dictatorship”
      The corrupt Western Collective Dictatorship Express and train wreck arrived a long time ago. Don’t you reckon Ian?
      I’m not sure I’m pleased to be old and wrinkly but I’m sure glad I’m around to try to make a difference of sorts for those that care and matter. It’s a real privilege to have been alive for so long, a privilege that’s denied to many I’ve known especially in the military but not exclusively.
      My dear mum died in her 30s and her two sisters/my aunts barely scraped 40. Here I am twice there age now and still counting. They were all damaged goods from world wars as was my late dad who was a Regular Soldier and wasn’t drafted as it were.
      The dying doesn’t stop at the end of conflict and approximately 21 (on average) US veterans top themselves every single day for all manner of reasons but especially the horrors that they’ve witnessed and experienced. Regards.

      • ian says:

        The veteran situation is terrible Aldous. I once was in a supermarket, where a guy was curled up on the floor crying his eyes out. I found out later it was PTSD as they call it now. My wife’s Grandad was a plowman with the horses when he left school. He told tales of getting cheap horses from the military after the First world war. They were branded with a crows foot brand. He said once there was a loud bang as a large corrugated metal door was dropped at the farm. The horse bolted and smashed the shafts off the cart, and was retrieved miles away exhausted. No good for man nor beast, is war.