Conspiracies are the chief agents of history.

 Millions of People Bought into the Establishment Corona Narrative

Pauli is reputed to have said that a physics paper shown to him was so poor that it was ‘not even wrong’.  I confess that when I first heard the phrase ‘mass formation psychosis’ I thought of Pauli’s witticism, because this particular concept was invoked to explain why millions of people bought into the Establishment Corona Narrative and its demands of masking, quarantining the healthy, distancing and ‘vaccination’ to manage a pathogen whose lethality was no greater than a bad seasonal flu.

‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Not Even Wrong.

To my native English ear ‘mass formation’ rang awkwardly and meant little, and ‘psychosis’ explained nothing. I thought it was far more accurate to assume that people whose chief source of information was a corrupt mainstream media propaganda machine that promoted fear had simply been controlled.  One must keep in mind that the best propaganda operates by using a kernel of truth, and creates ‘rationales’ that are impervious to logical rebuttal. For example, despite the fact that face masks do nothing to stop the transmission of a small respiratory pathogen because the orifices of the mask are larger than the pathogen itself, the acknowledgement that a stray viral particle might be blocked becomes a sufficient justification.

Furthermore, when mainstream media and governmental authorities – who have for decades been perceived as benevolent and trustworthy – issue directives about matters outside the general public’s area of expertise – as, for example, in infectious disease – we should not be surprised when a trusting population follows them, no matter how contradictory or absurd.

That these authorities would exploit innate human tendencies towards gullibility, cruelty, vilification and sadism should also be no surprise, particularly when a pathogenic threat has been magnified to the point of colossal status and death looms as consequence of non-compliance.

People in power have manipulated crowds for millennia, and those in power have used whatever means at their disposal to further their particular ends. These means range from brute, blunt force to seductive persuasion, and truths are sprinkled carefully along the gamut. What makes the Corona War so exceptional is the scale of the assault on our lives and liberties. Never before has so much power been able to be deployed so vastly, and with such ease.

In addition to the most sophisticated psychological manipulations, honed for many years by a creative advertising industry and perfected in the mind-control experiments of clandestine military agencies, the Nouveau Puissant have, literally, at their fingertips, a concentration of technological power not even dreamed of by the prescient Stanley Kubrick who, in his landmark opus, 2001: A Space Odyssey, did not foresee the  condensation and miniaturization of computing power. Hal, after all, was a rather large and cumbersome computer that occupied far more space than would be necessary for its equivalent today.

All of which brings us to the concept of conspiracy.

‘To conspire’ means, etymologically, ‘to breathe with’. Conspirators are those who draw breath together.

If nothing else, the past two and a half years have shown those of us who are willing to see that the Covid so-called pandemic was a globally coordinated exercise of control, a determined assault by the Few over the Many, which resulted in hardship, impoverisment and murder.

It is ongoing, and in the coming years I fear that the culmination of widespread inoculation will result in sickness and death on a scale impossible to imagine by those who have ‘trusted the science’ shilled by our governments – but very much in keeping with the avowed and transparent goals of the Organizers within the World Economic Forum and its allies, as Chossudovsky demonstrates with clarity, those revered institutions and foundations who purport to promote idealistic agendas for the benefit of the planet.

It is, therefore, disturbing to read in Mattias Desmet’s The Psychology of Totalitarianism, a chapter on conspiracy that appears to inveigh against the assumption that the creation and imposition of the Covid phenomenon was the result of a group of people that conspired to enslave, control and to do us in. The invocation of a Sierpinski triangle to explain the destructive developments away as the inevitable outcome of an organic self-determining process is, actually, an enormous insult to those who have been fighting against the actual and very real perpetrators of this vast operation.

Conspiracies are the chief agents of history. This is not to say that conspirator groups themselves execute plans with perfect efficiency, or that they are not riven by factions and conflicts – the Roman triumvirates are excellent examples of conspiracies and battles among and between conspirators. Nor is it to say that members of a conspiracy are in the single-digits. Conspirators may  be relatively many, they may transcend national boundaries, and they will certainly be subject to the typical interferences that impede any human cooperation.  But they undoubtedly exist and we at this moment in history are all suffering the consequences of a uniquely murderous one.

In his book Desmet writes:

“There is a steering and organizing body, but it does not primarily consist of a conspiracy elite that manages the world in a planned and coordinated way, but rather of a typical way of thinking, an ideology.”


“Such steering, however, is primarily not a steering by individuals; the most fundamental steering is impersonal in nature. The steering is first and foremost driven by an ideology—a way of thinking.”

So what is Bill Gates’ role after all? What is his responsibility? Isn’t he steering his Foundation, and quite personally? And how does mass formation apply to those who have been harmed by the aggressive activities of his program of mass inoculation, inoculation that has been hawked and pushed upon us by mandates and threats to our jobs and our livelihoods?

In this fight for our lives and souls we do not need to be chastised as conspiracy theorists for believing there are people at the top – let’s call it the Globalist Bunch for now – who are and have been very actively attempting to do us harm.

And let’s retire the concept of mass formation, a concept that reveals and explains so little that it is truly ‘not even wrong’.


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Dr. Garcia is a Philadelphia-born psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who emigrated to New Zealand in 2006. He has authored articles ranging from explorations of psychoanalytic technique, the psychology of creativity in music (Mahler, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Delius), and politics. He is also a poet, novelist and theatrical director. He retired from psychiatric practice in 2021 after working in the public sector in New Zealand.

He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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