CI02:Chlorine Dioxide aka MMS/CDS and the benefits when used to treat disorders of blood viscosity

MMS is easier to make and store with no refrigeration required and gives the same results.

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Have you heard about all the wonderful effects of this cheap and effective substance called:
MMS ( / CDS / CD / CLO2 ( / The Universal Antidote ( / Stabilized Oxygen ( / Chlorine Dioxide ( / Frontier Pharmaceutical ( products?

Have you heard that this is a toxic bleach, dangerous for human consumption ( (It should be said that it can be, in very rare cases, with wrong use/wrong dosage).

This is probably the best documentary on this topic, discussing the history, safety, science, benefits, myths and propaganda as well as testimonials of miraculous healing.

According to Andreas Kalcker, the best way to use chlorine dioxide, is in the form of CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution). In the form of CDS, there are less (usually none) side-effects such as nausea.