Cancer from the sky

I was in denial about CHEMTRAILS – until one day two large passenger jet planes sprayed criss-cross patterns over my home, each jet was followed by a SMALL MILITARY JET weaving in and out of the chemtrail… They flew wing tip to wing tip… They sprayed the sky from visible horizon to visible horizon and then turned back and repeated – over and over again… They transformed a clear blue sky in the south of France into a gloomy, cloudy day… That night it rained. We all stayed inside.

CHEMTRAILS are NOT a ‘Conspiracy Theory’. MONSANTO developed the catastrophically toxic chemical AGENT ORANGE which was Chemtrailed all over Vietnam… MONSANTO is now BAYER – and BAYER were part of the IG FARBEN industrial-chemical cartel who developed XYKLON B, which was used in the Second World War Holocaust.

And now Harvard scientists with the support of Bill Gates plan to chemtrail the sky – why? Because they plan to DIM THE SUNLIGHT… Using potentially carcinogenic chemtrails…

Chemtrails are NOT a new phenomenon. On the Enigma Channel right now, you can see that Hitler ordered the Deputy Surgeon General of the Third Reich to develop a CHEMTRAIL which would spread a carcinogenic VIRUS across towns and villages.

Today, some of the proposed chemicals – such as SULPHUR DIOXIDE – have been proven to cause cancer in mice and are officially listed as ‘poisonous’ by the CDC in the USA.

Newspaper and magazine articles report that BILL GATES has been heavily associated with MONSANTO, and for at least three years, various newspaper and magazine reports say that Bill Gates is attached to a technology which is indeed CHEMTRAILING THE SKY with SULFUR DIOXIDE…

Newspaper reports started saying that these new Chemtrails would be spraying ‘CHALK’ into the sky in order to block sunlight. But later, reports now say that SULFUR DIOXIDE – which is heavier than air – would be sprayed into our skies.

Supposedly, this CHEMTRAIL project is designed to DIM THE SUN – which is the same as saying that the natural process of PHOTOSYNTHESIS in all plants and crops would be interfered with by scientists, seemingly endorsed by Bill Gates and Harvard.

They call it “SOLAR GEO-ENGINEERING”. If you are a CLIMATE CHANGE ACTIVIST and you don’t know about chemtrails… Then you should watch the Enigma Channel.

Plants and crops need WATER, CARBON DIOXIDE and SUNLIGHT to thrive. If the Chemtrailing results in curtailing PHOTO-SYNTHESIS then we could see catastrophic CROP FAILURES, which would require vast amounts of artificial fertiliser, artificial systems of pollination and chemical growth-enhancement products to supplement the reduction in sunlight, which is proposed by scientists at Harvard and endorsed by Bill Gates.

But wait! FAKE NEWS is now DENYING that there was ever such a project to block out the sun! Google’s top search results are showing Fake News “FACT CHECK” articles which contradict reports about Bill Gates’ Solar Geo-Engineering project.

Frankly, these bogus ‘FACT CHECKED’ articles prove you need INDEPENDENT MEDIA like the Enigma Channel to investigate what – exactly – is going on with chemtrails…


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