‘Healthcare’ to Die For: Canada Goes from Assisted Suicide to Insisted Suicide




Is your neighbor’s barking dog making your life intolerably miserable? Do you stay awake at night worrying obsessively that the ingrown toenail you have might just fester badly and spread to your other toes? Do you feel inconsolably depressed because that bag of Doritos you bought yesterday had too many broken chips? Well, no need to continue suffering anymore my friends, because Canada now offers the solution to all of these as well as other similarly unbearable travesties of life: EUTHANASIA!

Yes indeed, in case you haven’t heard, Canada wants nothing more than to help you to put yourself out of your own misery by facilitating yourpassage to the Great Beyond. See? This time it’s all about you!

Because Canada Cares®!

So just come right in, fill out a few forms, sign some documents, and presto! …you’re good to go. Literally! Act now and there might even be a free donut in the deal for you as well! Granted, you’ll have to eat it kind of quickly because there’s other soon-to-be satisfied customers out there waiting in line for a chance to escape the unendurable miseries of life too, and Canada wouldn’t like to see them suffer.

Do you think everything I wrote just up above is incredibly ridiculous and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever? Well then, just withhold any judgement until after you’ve watched this short (9′), yet excellent piece of reporting, provided courtesy of Jefferey Jaxen and Del Bigtree.





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2 Responses to “‘Healthcare’ to Die For: Canada Goes from Assisted Suicide to Insisted Suicide”

  1. ian says:

    What was that film called? “Logan’s Run?” I think. Where everyone was killed at age 30.