Britain’s new Occupation Government: Some observations

Irish Savant – Oct 29, 2022

It’s been said that the world is divided into Somewhere People and Anywhere People. The former represent those with a strong sense of place, tradition, community, more rural and small town than urban. In contrast Anywhere People are the opposite, rootless cosmopolitans, at home anywhere, often dual-citizens, their sense of identity and place of residence based on personal career opportunities.

Such people can be useful and productive in their own way but represent a bad bet when it comes to entrusting them with the destiny of your country. The Sunaks are textbook Anywhere People. They are not British and can have no sense of identity with or loyalty to the British people. Sunak’s wife has already demonstrated that by evading British taxation by way of her Indian citizenship. She also had a company that sucked up millions of pounds from the British taxpayers in Covid payments: And then promptly went bust. Sunak is ex-Goldman Sachs and that in itself tells you almost all you need to know about him. He was by the way a major investor in Moderna. To think that he and the rest of the Occupation Government of Anywhere People will prioritise the interests of ordinary Brits is laughably naïve. In reality such people represent the managerial class of their Jewish and globalist overlords who I sometimes think are deliberately rubbing the faces of White people in the mud, getting off on our inability (to date!) to resist their impositions.

Anyway, on a lighter note….

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Britain’s new Occupation Government: Some observations


One Response to “Britain’s new Occupation Government: Some observations”

  1. Aldous says:

    It’s ridiculous isn’t it?
    One adulterous unelected head of state and another interloper unelected prime minister.
    You couldn’t make this garbage up.
    The image really does disgust me and makes me want to vomit.
    At least Charlie-boy looks like he’s already got one foot in its deserved grave whose time is limited by Grim Reaper who is forever lurking behind us all from Day One if not on our very shoulders.
    After all, tomorrow is promised to no one.