Breaking news: Shocking – Here is what really is in the vaccines


As it turns out, the stories about all the people picking up anomalous Bluetooth signals from the vaxxed were true after all. Is there an “on” signal that “they” are waiting to activate?

If that is true, what happens to the people that have had this garbage injected into their bodies when it is switched on? This is truly insidious stuff..


5 Responses to “Breaking news: Shocking – Here is what really is in the vaccines”

  1. ian says:

    It’s no wonder that The MRNA didn’t behave like we were warned, and warned others that it would as there isn’t any in it. Were the MRNA crew ie Judy Mikovits etc deliberate disinfo agents, or just misled like we were. it gets more and more “horrid”, and I could thcream and thcream till I’m thick, and I can.

    It gets worse too. I had three shallow animal food dishes sat in my veg garden with beer in. Great slug traps and what a way to go. They climb in, get drunk and drown. Kind of like my uncle Tom who drowned in a vat of beer during a brewery visit. The Brewery Boss said that the worst bit was he’d got out four times to go to the toilet. Anyhoo, I have these dishes of beer and slugs and stuff that must exude (love that word) from them when they’re dead. It’s blowing a gale here today, so I decided to put fleece on some plants. A thrilling job sort of like shooting the spinnaker sail on a yacht. The fleece shot out horizontally as I uttered profanities down wind. As I thought I’d got it pinned down, I stepped back, and put my heel on the extreme edge of a slug trap, just enough to fill my shoe with the contents. I squelched around till I got the fleece down. I sat on the back step and removed my socks and shoes. I put the socks in the bin, and hosed out my shoe, yuck. How’s everyone else’s day been?

  2. Weaver says:

    You are right Ian maybe we were again misled about the contents of this vaccine because it sounds more glamorous to convince people to take with mRNA technology. Graphene oxide does not seem to have the same impact on convincing people to take it.
    Thank you for the tip on slug traps fortunately my husband always has plenty of beer in the house. I knew it would come in handy one day apart from drinking it.

    • ian says:

      Hi Weaver, if buried flush with the soil, pot noodle or yoghurt pots are good. but shallow vertical sided dishes work just sitting there. Mild damp weather works a treat.

    • ian says:

      If you look carefully at this pic, you’ll see the tipped out slugs which missed my shoe, dead on the garden. The birds can have a party.

  3. Weaver says:

    That’s such an amazing solution without chemicals. I will try it on my husband first and then if it works the slugs second!! Thank you for the picture as well.