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Big Pharma & Russia unveil identical clot-shot scams

Coincidence or fate?

Stronger together.

Moderna has a fancy new clot-shot specifically designed to ward off omicron and give you permanent heart problems. So does Pfizer. And woah—same with Russia.

It all happened so fast, thanks to Science.

Moderna’s omicron booster was approved by the UK medicines regulator on August 15, after the agency confirmed the new clot-shot met its “standards of safety, quality and effectiveness.”

Source: CNBC

Pfizer has submitted its own variant of omicron-goo to the US Food and Drug Administration. Approval is expected in the coming weeks, according to various reports from responsible and trustworthy corporate media conglomerates.

In Russia, Sputnik V Papa Bear Alexander Gintsburg announced on August 12 that he had invented a new Sputnik flavor that completely destroys omicron.

Obviously, all of these new health-preserving injections are safe and effective.

The new Pfizer shot hasn’t even been tested on humans—because why bother? It’s safe and effective.

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According to @WSJ FDA expected to approve omicron variant covid booster w/ no clinical trial in humans proving efficacy. If emergency is over, how can FDA justify not going thru proper protocol to ensure VE from pharma? @KrugAlli @VPrasadMDMPH @DrJBhattacharya @1blumoon198 https://t.co/GzlJMoquJu


The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Pfizer and BioNTech have asked U.S. health regulators to clear use of a Covid-19 shot modified to target the newest versions of the Omicron variant https://t.co/FWjTAhvlOq

Gintsburg’s genetic nose-spray (normal flavor, not omicron flavor) is already being squirted up Russian nostrils, even though it hasn’t finished tests on ferrets. It appears this same kind of airtight Science is being used to guarantee the safety and efficacy of Sputnik Omicron.

In fact, Gintsburg recently complained that the Russian Health Ministry’s six-month review process of new drugs was too stringent—he wants to start injections in 60 days.

Source: TASS

But wait—didn’t Gintsburg & Co. claim Sputnik’s unproven genetic formula worked great against omicron? Let’s have a look.

On December 10, the Gamaleya director insisted there was “no reason to change [the vaccine] now,” adding that studies were being carried out to determine “whether the existing vaccine will work against omicron.”

Apparently the tests were very promising. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov revealedon December 22 that Sputnik V was the most effective omicron-killing drug currently on the market.

Source: Moscow 24

On January 12, Gintsburg said there was no need to modify Sputnik V—but an Omicron shot was being developed just in case.

Curious. On January 10, Moderna announced it was also working on an Omicron injection. Pfizer said the exact same thing around the exact same time.

Source: RIA Novosti

What we want to know is this: why bother with a new clot-shot, when Gintsburg saidin November that mixing Sputnik V with mRNA juice provided the best protection against the Dreaded Virus?

Source: TASS

It is truly heartwarming that despite all the recent geopolitical rumblings, Big Pharma and Russia are still able to provide the world with badly needed unproven genetic slurries—and at the exact same time!