An Officially Concealed Genocide- British Malthusianism & the Truth of the ‘Irish Potato Famine’

How is it possible that a disease which spread across potato crops of Ireland led to over 2 million deaths in Ireland in the mid-19th century? Ireland was renowned for a diverse array of crops including what, oats, barley and livestock, so how is it possible that the loss of one crop caused such death? It is often forgotten that the entirety of mainland Europe was struck by a similar disease of potato crops, and yet no more than 100 thousand deaths resulted across a surface area and population density several orders of magnitude larger than the tiny island nation of Ireland. So what really happened?

On Sunday September 25, 2022, The Rising Tide Foundation weekly lecture was delivered by historian Christopher Fogarty, author of “The Perfect Holocaust, Ireland 1845-1850” on the topic of ‘An Officially Concealed Genocide: British Malthusianism and the True Story of the ‘Irish Potato Famine’”.

Christopher has made his book freely available here.

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3 Responses to “An Officially Concealed Genocide- British Malthusianism & the Truth of the ‘Irish Potato Famine’”

  1. ian says:

    The Song, The Fields of Athenry
    mentions a guy , “Michael”, being shipped to a penal colony for stealing Trevallions corn. Yes indeed, the potato crop failed, but the famine was a massive crime committed by the British government. Ireland though not alone has been on the receiving end of much dirty work by Britain and it is no surprise that they had the “troubles”, when William of Orange, the Hunchback Dutch king of Britain, threw the majority Catholics out of the North and replaced them with Proddy farmers mostly from Scotland. They in turn revered Good King Billy. Celtic football team in Glasgow was originally founded to help support the poor Irish immigrants in Glasgow, who had fled the famine.
    I’m not a big football fan, but I do feel a link to Celtic and no I’m not Catholic either.

  2. nixon scraypes says:

    I’m sure one reason for the famine was forcing emigration to America.