Three independent studies released in 2020 compared the overall health of vaccinated, with any vaccine, and unvaccinated people and the results are striking. Everyone who is considering vaccination for themselves or their families should weigh the results of these reports before making a decision.

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Sunfellow Health & Healing: Three Independent Studies Answer This Question: Do Vaccines Make Us Healthier?
11 April 2022 (15 mins)

The three studies described in the video above were conducted by:

  1. Brian Hooker and Neil Miller
  2. James Lyon-Weiler and Dr. Paul Thomas
  3. The Control Group

The Control Group

We previously wrote about the study conducted by The Control Group.  At the time The Control Group had initiated a federal lawsuit, using their study as evidence, to stop all discrimination against Americans based on their vaccination status.  Earlier this month the US supreme court denied The Control Group’s petition to review a previous decision to dismiss their case.

“This health freedom case is now closed because four Supreme Court Justices were unwilling to come together to hear our case,” wrote The Control Group.

In February 2021 the District Court of California dismissed The Control Group’s case on the grounds that they couldn’t sue the President for the constitutional violations alleged, but rather should sue someone else.

The Department of Justice’s strongest argument was that the scientific evidence proving the American population is being decimated by vaccines would embarrass the political elite in Washington DC, noted The Control Group.  The Attorney for President Biden wrote in his brief: “Any suggestion from a court that vaccines are not safe would cause ’embarrassment from multifarious pronouncements by various departments on one question’.”

Further reading: Vaxxed v. Unvaxxed: Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Americans From Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status, The Defender, 1 June 2021

One year later, the judge reversed the dismissal order.  This was after plaintiffs pointed out the judge owned approximately $500,000 in vaccine manufacturer stock. But the 9th Circuit appellate court and US Supreme Court declined to allow the case to move forward, claiming the President cannot be held responsible for vaccine mandates.



Below are images taken from The Control Group’s ‘Pilot Survey Data Graphs’ a copy of which was submitted to the courts as

  • Dr. Paul Thomas

Five days after Dr. Paul Thomas published his study his medical licence was revoked.   In February 2022, during an interview with Sweden’s Aga Wilson of News Voice, Dr. Thomas discussed his study, the war on informed consent and the covid vaccine and its side effects.

“I lost my license 5 days after this study was available online on December 3rd, 2020. It was reinstated with restrictions on June 3rd and I get my day in court in November 2022! My fundraiser to support the legal battle and all my work is,” Dr. Thomas told Wilson.  He responded to the accusations by starting his weekly show titled ‘Against the Wind’.

Dr. Thomas began his interview with News Voice by discussing how he got to the point where he suspected that vaccines were risky and as a result opened his own practice so he could follow his ethic of giving parents informed choice.  During this section he said:

“Never, ever have they done a study of the whole [childhood vaccine] schedule itself.  The CDC has been asked to do this, they have refused to do it, they won’t do it.   And I can tell you why.  If you look at some of the data, it’s just overwhelmingly clear that we [USA] have a problem with our vaccine schedule.

“And we even understand why now.  Too many, too soon.  It’s direct toxicity from stuff that’s in the vaccines but it’s also immune activation.  This immune activation piece is where you inject too many things too soon that are activating the immune system. And the immune system shifts towards autoimmunity and allergy, and starts attacking your own body.”

Starting at timestamp 13:50 Dr. Thomas discussed his study. It was a peer-reviewed study, “the peer review was rigorous,” he said.

“What we found was that whether it was asthma, allergies, breathing issues, behavioural issues, ADHD, infection … any infection, or allergy stuff like eczema skin problems and even anaemia in childhood – all those conditions … the more time, the more vaccines, the more problems.  And almost flat line, almost no problems for the unvaxxed.

“That study is based on real patients. This is what is called real-world data … this was my patient population.  I knew this was going on because I’m living it … I have 10,000 active patients right now, and probably a third to half are fully vaccinated [according to the CDC childhood schedule].  Only about 1,000, about 10% are unvaccinated and the rest are ‘vaccine friendly’ [limited or partial vaccination].

“The time has come to take our health and that of our children into our own hands. Gone are the days when you could blindly follow your doctor’s recommendations or count on your health plan or some government agency to put your best interests first. We owe it to ourselves and our children to remain constantly educated and informed so that we can make the best health decisions for ourselves and our families.”

Click on the image below to watch the video on Rumble.

News Void: Dr. Paul Thomas, Covid Passports have Nothing to do with Public Health, 9 February 2022 (54 mins)